Halle Berry Loves Flawless CleanseCredit : halleyberry/Instagram

If there's ever a Hollywood star that seems to have defied aging, it's Halle Berry. The 54-year-old actress looks like she's stuck in her 30s. Women's Health agrees that her skin looks better now than in her 20s. Just take a peek at her bare face on her trending Instagram video and you'll marvel at how fabulous she looks without a stitch of makeup on. While A-list celebrities have access to the best skincare products, treatments, and dermatologists, Berry is all praises for her favorite cleansing tool, the Finishing Touch Flawless Cleanse. The Flawless Cleanse is a 100 percent silicone facial cleanser and massager that uses sonic vibration to dislodge and remove dirt, excess oil, and makeup.

According to their official website, the silicone cleansing tool is dermatologist-approved and ultra-hygienic. It features four modes of cleansing and massage and is "designed to stimulate circulation and promote collagen production." If Berry's skin is anything to go by, it's a must-have. She shares that the Flawless Cleanse has replaced her old bristle brush scrub (probably the discontinued Clarisonic) and that she has gifted all her loved ones with the cleansing device last Christmas.

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Halle Berry's Cleansing Routine

Berry loves Ole Henriksen skincare products and when she feels like her skin is "extra dirty" and needs a good exfoliation, she uses the Pore Balance Facial Sauna Scrub with her Flawless Cleanse. Otherwise, she uses a plain cleanser. As mentioned, the Flawless Cleanse has four modes. Berry likes starting with the fastest speed, uses circular motions then takes it down little by little until she finishes her cleanse at speed one and says it's "glorious." Berry adds that you never want to pull down your face when you're washing it, so she stresses to use and upward motions when you're on massage mode. Once she's done, she simply rinses the device with cold water. At the end of her video demo, she encourages her followers to give Flawless Cleanse a try and promises that it will not disappoint.

It's certainly a more affordable option than the popular Foreo silicone cleansing devices which retails for $49 to $6,500. You can get your own Flawless Cleanse at their official website  or at Amazon for $40.

Silicone Brush Advantages

Compared to cleansing brushes, dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu tells Byrdie that silicone cleansing devices like Flawless Cleanse and Foreo "grab onto dirt and oil" and draws those impurities from your face, whereas as brush loosens up surface dirt and just moves them around. They can also be too abrasive and can cause skin infections as Dr. Wu has seen on her patients.

Dermatologist Dr. Tiffany Clay adds that silicone cleansing devices are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and more resistant to odor when rinsed properly. While you can get manual silicone facial cleansers, Dr. Wu recommends getting an automatic one since the vibrations will make cleansing more effective.

It's a great tool for removing makeup and sunscreen and she adds that since these devices are waterproof, you can use it anywhere on your body, especially if you're prone to back acne. Both dermatologists agree that silicone facial cleansing devices are gentler than spin brushes, washcloths, or loofahs. If you don't wear a lot of makeup, your fingers are enough for daily cleansing and you can use a silicone cleansing device for exfoliation.

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