The BeautyBlender Bio Pure Comes Out on February 1

The BeautyBlender Bio Pure Comes Out on February 1
(Photo : beautyblender / Instagram) Clean and Green: The new BeautyBlender Bio Pure sponge.

As consumers are becoming more discerning, beauty brands are finding ways to meet evolving beauty standards that are now actively pushing sustainability forward. From clean beauty products to refillable or recyclable packaging, many beauty enthusiasts are willing to spend a bit more for eco-friendly options. Enter the BeautyBlender Bio Pure, Beautyblender's first plant-based sponge.

BeautyBlender was one of the first brands to introduce a reusable sponge in the makeup industry. The iconic pink and teardrop-shaped sponge is a staple in probably every makeup artist's kit and its invention was already one step towards reducing waste. Now the brand is taking it a step further with Bio Pure, a new sponge made from sugarcane. The sugarcane-derived foam is called BioPlushTM and its composed of 60 percent plant-based pre-polymers. As Teen Vogue reports, BeautyBlender went with sugarcane since it's a renewable source and the production of Bio Pure will lower the emissions of carbon dioxide in a major way.

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Eco-Friendly Steps

According to Teen Vogue, BeautyBlender is also taking steps to reduce the use of virgin plastic in their packaging. The Bio Pure sponge comes in a canister made with post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) and less water is wasted in producing that.  BeautyBlender founder and makeup artist Rea Ann Silva also tells New Beauty they plan to extend this PCR packaging to the original beauty blenders, as well. In fact, Teen Vogue mentions that in the next three years, BeautyBlender will be transitioning to sustainable packaging for all their products. Specifically, all BeautyBlender items that can be made with PCR will undergo that change with Silva's blessing.

New Foam, Same Performance and Price

As mentioned, the original BeautyBlender is an essential tool for makeup artists and every beauty junkie. That's why Silva is also quick to assure loyal BeautyBlender users that the brand has "worked really hard make sure it is the exact same texture, payoff and density." In addition, Bio Pure is free from latex, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehydes and formaldehyde-releasing agents, and other toxic materials. It's also vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. While fans would probably expect that this new sustainable version will be priced higher than the original BeautyBlender, Teen Vogue confirms that it will be priced at $20, just like the original version.

Join the Waitlist

At present, it's available in only one color and of course, it's green. As BeautyBlender announces on their official Instagram page, there's now an official waitlist on and Bio Pure will officially be launched on February 1, 2021. If you're considering a personalized sort of Valentine's gift for your makeup-loving friends, you can also check out BeautyBlender's Zodiac Collection which features the original pink BeautyBlender embossed with the twelve zodiac signs. All you need is a friend's birthday to match with the right sign. There's also the SO LIT Zodiac Duo which has the limited-edition Zodiac BeautyBlender and a special-edition hand-poured cake-scented candle.

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