How To Shave Down There (Photo: Castorly Stock / Pexels)
Shaving legs? Easy. How about shaving your pubic hair? Learn how to do it properly here.

Pubic hair isn't much different from eyelashes and nose hair. They all serve the same functions - they trap dirt, sweat, bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms. Pubic hair also acts as a protective barrier and reduces friction during sexual intercourse and other activities.

While pubic hair grooming has been around for centuries, it's only recently that more women have felt the pressure to go bare. In a Seventeen Magazine article, this trend towards partial or full hairlessness is a recent observation that can be due to online pornography where women have less to zero hair down there. "It really changed drastically when porn become more readily available online," explains Melisa Holmes, M.D., an ob-gyn and founder of Girlology.comHealthline also reports that in a 2013 survey, 21.1 percent of women reported that their grooming habits were influenced by their partner's preferences. A 2015 survey then disclosed that men were more likely to request a partner to remove their pubic hair.

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For whatever reason you decide to trim or remove all hair in your nether region, it's important to learn how to remove hair properly to avoid injuries or infections. As most people still prefer shaving over waxing (ouch!), here's how to shave your pubic hair safely:

Take a hot shower

Women's Health advisor Dr. Jessica Shepherd says this allows your pores to open and your hair follicles to soften up, which makes shaving easier. Cleanse your pubic area with a gentle and hydrating soap.


After trimming longer hairs, exfoliate first before you continue a close shave. Gillette suggests using a gentle scrub, loofah, or exfoliating gloves to lightly scrub the pubic area. This will help remove dead skin and avoid ingrown hairs from developing.

Use the proper tools

Make sure to use a sharp and clean razor to decrease the chances of razor burn, bumps, and irritation. There are razors dedicated to shaving the delicate pubic area. It will be better to get one of those. Try the Schick Intuition f.a.b. Razor or the Gillette Venus Sensitive Razor.

Apply a generous amount of shaving gel or cream. This will allow your razor to glide smoothly and will also help you see which spots you've already gone over as going through the same spot repeatedly will irritate the skin.

Pull your skin taut and shave in short and steady strokes. Be careful to shave in the direction of your hair growth and to shave in just one direction. Don't rush the process to avoid nicks. Take your time and rinse your blade after every stroke. If you want a closer shave, you can take a second pass against the direction of hair growth to minimize irritation.


Rinse away all traces of shaving cream with warm water and pat the area dry. Rehydrate your delicate area with an unscented lotion. Aloe vera gel is also a good option. If possible, wear loose cotton underwear after shaving to give your skin time to recover.

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