Is the Queen’s Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep Just a Water Bottle?

Hot Water Bottle: The Queen’s Secret To A Good Night’s Sleep

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Sleep like a queen. The secret? A hot water bottle!

One would think that the Queen of England would turn to one of those pricey weighted blankets for a night of sound sleep, but no. Her bedmate of choice? The trusty hot water bottle. Not only does it provide warmth on freezing nights, but it also helps relieve tense muscles. Something the royal might be experiencing a lot of considering the year she has had. From dramatic family exits to Covid-19-stricken princes and a world-wide pandemic, Her Majesty can certainly use a good sleeping aid.   

Aside from gracing the Queen's private chambers, the hot water bottle has multiple uses.  Here are its many benefits:

Ease your stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety levels are always high these days as Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc. If you feel sad or depressed, try hugging a hot water bottle. It will help you relax, and you can even add essential oils with warm water for some aromatherapy.

Say goodbye to tooth, neck, back, and muscle pains

Depending on what's aching, place a hot water body against that part of your body, and the warmth will soothe away the aches.

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Avoid nightmares and sleep paralysis

It's recommended to put a hot water bottle between your feet to ensure deep sleep. Our feet are usually the first to get cold in bed, so sleeping with a hot water bottle down there will beat the cold.

Soothe your colon

If you have a problematic colon and keep you in constant pain, put a hot water bottle over your abdominal area while lying in bed. This will help loosen up your muscles and make you rest easy.

Relieve period cramps

When you have your period, it often comes with bloating and cramps. Instead of popping a pain pill, go natural, and opt for a hot water bottle instead. Just lie down, place it over your lower body, and relax.

Warm-up in the great outdoors

If you're fond of camping, you would know that while the days are hot, the nights can get very cold. You can quickly boil water over a campfire and fill your hot water bottle for those chilly nights out in the wilderness.

Travel companion

If you easily get cold during long flights or road trips, a hot water bottle is a good companion. It also saves you space compared to a bulky blanket.

Less expense

Unlike heating pads and electric blankets, hot water bottles will only cost you hot water and will not add much to your electric bills.

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