Outdoor Gym: New Option for Health Enthusiasts to Stay Fit During the Pandemic

Outdoor Gym New Option by Health Enthusiast to Stay Fit During the Pandemic
Outdoor Gym New Option by Health Enthusiast to Stay Fit During the Pandemic(Photo : GettyImages/ Beach Volleyball Player Jessica Grimson on Training )

Outdoor Gym is now the new trend for fitness enthusiasts to stay fit during the pandemic.

Outdoor gym is the new concept of many businesses that reopened for fitness buffs. While the world is now getting on track amid the Coronavirus, the fitness industry is doing its best to operate.

The fitness industry was among the ones hit hard by the pandemic. Gyms closed and revenues dropped as customers stayed home and protected themselves from the virus.

Many people started to work out and make their own outdoor gym at home. For the past months, fitness instructors shift to outdoor gym ideas. Virtual classes for outdoor bodyweight gym are also available online.

Equinox opens its second outdoor gym

On October 3, Equinox + In the Wild opened its latest outdoor gym in New York City. The gym is operating completely outdoors. Gym equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and weight machines are all under a tent.

The fitness studio made detailed procedures on how to protect outdoor equipment. Equinox made prior studies towards their outdoor gym design as regulated by the health government. They still follow social distancing and safety procedures to avoid any transmission.

Equinox named their new outdoor gym concept "In the Wild". Before their customers can visit the gym, they need to make advanced booking. In the Wild uses an app to connect with their consumers. The staff checks all data to ensure that no gym-goers have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 infection. At the entrance to the gym, an employee takes the temperature of every member and notes it down.

Equinox requires all members to wear a well-made mask to cover their mouths and faces. Bandanas and other unsafe masks are not allowed inside the gym. At the outdoor gym, two staff cleaners are tasked to clean each machine with FDA-approved disinfectant. After each guest finishes using a machine the staff cleaner sanitizes the area before other customers can use or touch the equipment.

A safety officer is assigned to roam around the 15,000 square foot space to enforce their health rules. Equinox imposes no hands-on corrections by their trainers. Everyone inside "The Wild" is advised to follow social distancing and to wear the mask all the time.

The Wild is the second chain that Equinox opened in a new outdoor gym concept to continue serving their loyal customers. They opened their first outdoor gym in Los Angeles last September. Equinox in Los Angeles opened a 27,000 square foot rooftop space for their cardio areas. They upgraded their facility with rubber flooring tiles and surround the area with speakers.

Other outdoor gyms

Many health club owners are moving outdoors to stay fit and survive the pandemic.

Sanctuary Fitness

The fitness studio is offering outdoor sessions. Their popular high-intensity interval training, boxing, and yoga classes favored by many.

Speir Pilates


This West Hollywood studio serves multiple classes a day but with five participants at a time. Spier Pilates brought all their equipment to their rooftop.

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