Hilary Duff's Body Tattoo and Its Meaning

Hilary Duff Body Tattoos and It's Meaning
Hilary Duff Body Tattoos and It's Meaning(Photo : GettyImages/Frazer Harrison)

Hilary Duff is known for her unique body tattoos and each has its own meaning that may surprise you.

Hilary Duff, like many female celebrities, gives a new meaning to fashion and style. The Disney star set beauty trends that many women copied from head to toe. One of the styles she did was when she posed with a crimped hair fastened with butterfly clips. It was a popular hairstyle that children and adults follow to this day.

Duff's body tattoos have been an open book to her followers, and many are inspired to have the same on their bodies as well.

During one of her interviews with Ellen DeGeneres, Duff shared that she loves getting tattoos. However, she prefers hiding them on her arms. Hillary explained, "There is a part of me that loves tattoos, but part of me doesn't want the full commitment of getting to see them all the time".

The 33-year-old actress has 19 classy, tiny tattoos scattered throughout her body and mainly on her arms. Hilary Duff shared that she made strategic locations for each tattoo all over her body. It is not visible and needs to take a serious look before you can find them.

Unknown by many there are two tattoos that are rarely photographed: a star on the back of her neck and the French phrase "Ma Petite Amie." The French words mean "my girlfriend." It is placed on her ribs. Most of Hilary's tattoos are hidden in her arms, but when her arms are on display one can manage to take a look at it.

Fun fact about tattoos: Duff's husband Mathew Koma had placed a piece of ink tattoo with his wife's name on his butt cheek. Few of Hilary's body tattoos have been around for more than 10 years. Her latest creative piece of ink is a sun symbol that she got in 2019. According to the actress, most of her body tattoos have special meaning.

Hilary Duff cute tattoos and meaning

Hilary Duff is a doting mother, and she had one of her son's name Luca tattooed on her right wrist. Duff has multiple matching tattoos with her good friends and sister. Hilary Duff prefers the style of delicate black-ink tattoos, and her celebrity tattooist Dr. Woo is her to-go artist.

Wishbone: one of the popular tattoos the star has is the "wishbone" which tattooed on her wrist, symbolizes luck. Men and women loved this tiny art and followed her style.

Red heart: this tiny and cute tattoo has plenty of viewing since its located on her left wrist. Duff captioned this tattoo "All is full of love" in her Instagram post.

Two-cent coin: this is one of her few matching tattoos that Duff has with her good friend Alanna Masterson. A unique old-school-style coin tattoo created by Dr. Woo.

Take Fountain: this one is a quote from Bette Davis when she made it in Hollywood. Duff found the quote to be meaningful in her struggle and challenges throughout her career.

There are more tattoos on Hilary's body that she posts on her Instagram account. One thing for sure, as the years come - we will all expect more from Hilary Duff's tattoo collection.

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