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What Are the Top Trends for Engagement Rings Right Now?

What Are the Top Trends for Engagement Rings Right Now?
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Engagement ring styles have evolved over the years. In the hyper-coloured 1980s, couples chose bright gemstones. In the 1990s, couples favoured rings with a bit of edge, choosing shiny platinum bands and bold diamond cuts. Then, the 2000s brought the popularity of sparkle - bigger centre stones, accent stones and lots of shimmer.  

So, what's thriving right now?

Custom Creations

It's more popular than ever to work with professional jewellers to make one-of-a-kind engagement rings. Often, the couple goes together, turning ring-shopping into a romantic date instead of a secret surprise. They get to choose everything from stones to bands so that every millimetre is unique to them. 

If you're planning on working with a jeweller to make a ring, check out your options at Alexis Gallery - they have been making beautiful custom rings for clients for years, using expert craftsmanship and top-quality materials. They can also modify vintage pieces to fit your modern taste. So, a family heirloom or thrifty find could become a magnificent engagement ring.

Creating custom rings isn't a passing trend. Since these jewellers can craft any style that clients are craving, they're guaranteed to always be in fashion.

Ethical Rings

One of the biggest engagement ring trends at the moment is searching for materials that are sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical. Buyers don't want to shop for items that come from unsafe labour practices or harmful environmental actions. This is especially true for engagement rings. They don't want to feel uncomfortable wearing something that signifies their love and devotion. 

So, it's more common than ever for shoppers to look into diamonds that have proven ethical mining practices and that guarantee the safety of the related workforce and environment. Another trendy solution is to get lab-grown diamonds. These are made from the same materials as natural, mined diamonds and have the same luxurious look. They simply have the benefit of being made in a controlled laboratory. 

Yellow Gold 

Rose gold was all the rage last year, but it seems like it's getting bumped out of the top spot. Now, more couples are looking at yellow gold bands. It used to be a common choice for engagement and wedding bands before being replaced by bold platinum or white gold bands in the 1990s. It's having quite the comeback! 

Some believe that the style's popularity can be credited to Meghan Markle's engagement ring from Prince Harry only a few years ago. She received a three-stone diamond ring with a solid yellow gold band. And since Meghan and Harry tied the knot in 2018, the design has been growing in demand. Now, you'll see it all over jewellery stores, especially in the engagement and wedding ring displays. 

The trends are always changing. This time next year, a different style will be the next craze. Maybe emeralds will be the hottest gemstone, or maybe art deco designs will be everywhere. You never know. 

As long as you get a ring that suits your personal taste, you'll be happy. A ring that you really love will never, ever go out of style.

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