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A Woman's Dress Code

A Woman's Dress Code
(Photo : A Woman's Dress Code)

As a woman, you should always strive to dress best, if not better, each new day. Women are an embodiment of beauty and elegance, take it or leave it, you are the creatures many people look up to under the sun. So, are you having a classy wardrobe to depict the same? Does your look charm every day despite the occasion? Remember, once you've created that lane demarcation and jumped on the side of class and luxury, you should always keep it that way. No coming down whatsoever, it should be all the way up.

Therefore, as a phenomenal woman, you should get a trusted brand like loewe to give you the best of dress codes that will sell out that classy chic you really are. And does it ever scratch your head on what you should wear on most occasions? The following fashion dress code tips will be a good head start for a boss lady like you:  

  • Corporate dress code

Are you in charge of the board room but still want to prove to your peers that you can keep up with trends? For a boss lady, skirt suits will do mostly. You can also have a black trench coat, especially during winter. And oh, don't forget that you'll need boots at times, especially when you go for fieldwork. And who said you could not ooze power? You can try out brightly colored accessories, or suits at times to show authority. Just make sure that you don't overdo it with neon colors.

  • Beach dress code

There is nothing that beats the feeling of basking your body out on a beach, in your almost birthday suit. Well, it entirely depends on whom you'll be hanging out with, but trust it, you'll need a bikini more than your summer pants.

  • Cocktail dress code

Cocktails are more of semi-official parties as you will likely have your boss or supervisor around in his old-school humor. Despite keeping it chic and bossy, you steel need to show some good manners and resonance. Of course, you don't want to pull up in a summer dress at a corporate cocktail party. You can try above the knee dress, especially a black one. If you are a plus-size lady, then you have no option for shoe game but heels, if you really want to throw them off-balance. You can patch up that look with a little accessory such as earrings with matching necklace.

  • Festive dress code

Finally, it is that time of the year, and festival invitations keep on coming in every day and night. Remember, the workaholic you are exposes you to many people who would want to see the other side of your life. So, why don't you give them a rude shock? Well, they are used to seeing you in formal wear, so this time round surprise them with a cocktail dress code, spiced up with festival colors like green and orange. Moreover, it would be best if you kept in mind of the crazy night ahead full of dance and drinks, so stiff clothes are a no. And if you don't want to look like a teen, kindly keep of reindeer hoodies! 

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