From celebrity babies to your average Jane and Joe, everyone has jumped on board with the baby gender reveal party trend that is sweeping the nation.

The baby gender reveal trend is thought to have started in 2010 when a celebrity couple cut into a cake at a party and the inside was pink revealing the gender of their unborn child. Boy have times changed! Baby Gender Reveals have now reached new heights.

Since then, these parties have become extremely popular, with some even replacing the more traditional baby showers of the past. From reveals such as gender reveal burnout tires to balloons popping out of boxes and individual cupcakes with the gender of the baby in blue or pink frosting on the inside, there are many ways to let people know the gender of your baby today. For car fanatics gender reveal burnouts are one of the best ways to have a baby gender reveal. All you do is simply place these concealed powder kits on the back of your tires and then perform a gender reveal burnout! Make sure to have your camera ready to capture the could of pink or blue smoke these gender reveal burnouts produce.