Useful Link Lists for College Students

Today, when information has become more accessible than ever and gaining new knowledge is easier than ever, we had another problem: how to focus and structure new knowledge if there are no external limitations like an exam or the need to prepare for a lesson? Here, developers and the Internet are saving us, where there are more and more open universities, online courses, lectures and services for organizing their studies.

During their studies, students actively use different online platforms in order to cope with the tasks that teachers set at lectures. This may be writing an essay or creating a scientific project and for their implementation, you may need a lot of materials that are difficult to find in the library or outside help. Even if you order a project from a service such as, you still need external materials to pass other subjects.

Online resources for students include not only support sites, but they can also include educational and entertainment portals - after all, we do not spend all our time behind a book. We decided to show you a list of sites that may be of interest to you in 2019 to make your life and work more saturated and easy.

We decided to collect in one place links to distance learning resources and other useful services in English, most of which are free.

Websites with Online Courses from Multiple Disciplines

1.    Coursera - Perhaps the largest platform for video courses recently made a paid access to some courses. $ / Free, Eng

2.    Udacity - Specialized courses for developers and other technical specialists. There are paid and free courses. $ / Free, Eng

3.    EdX - Also, a very large video course platform. The topic is extensive: from "The science of everyday thinking" to technical disciplines. $ / Free, Eng

4.    MIT Open Courseware - The name speaks for itself. If you are developing, designing, installing, then you will find a lot of useful information. There is a good course in technology entrepreneurship. Free, Eng

Video Lectures and Lessons for Students

1.    TED - Needs no introduction. The famous conference brings together professionals and simply interesting personalities around the world. Lectures are translated into many languages. Free, Eng

2.    YouTube EDU - YouTube Education. It includes lectures, interviews and more. Free, Eng

3.    Do Lectures - Inspirational lectures from people who are trying to change things for the better. Free, Eng

4.    Big Think - Short video lectures from professionals from different fields about interesting practices from their experience. Free, Eng

5.    Fora.TV - Free video from conferences around the world. There is a section with documentaries and TV shows for a subscription. $ / Free, Eng

6.    Google Talks - The resource contains Google videos, lectures, conference streams. Free, Eng

7.    RSA Animate - RSA animation on various topics. Free, Eng

8.    Creative Live - Lots of lectures on creative subjects. Lifehack: if you sign up for lectures in advance, then they are free, see the calendar. Free, Eng

9.    Mixergy - A lot of startup courses and interviews with successful entrepreneurs. $ / Free, Eng

Services for Tracking Your Performance and Searching for Like-minded People

1.    Degreed - you choose what you want to learn (graphic design, for example) - set goals and find yourself in your dashboard, where you see and add materials, draw up a training plan and track academic performance. Free, Eng

2.    Openbadges - If you've already grown up and don't have enough grades for your studies and achievements, use Mozilla Open Badges. Free, Eng

3.    Open Study - If you are studying something, then experts, who you can contact with a question, and like-minded people can be useful to you - all this you can find on this service. Also, you yourself can help someone with the training. Free, Eng

4.    Zero Tuition College - A simpler resource than the Open Study, but with the same meaning - you can find like-minded people and join together to study or discuss the subject. Free, Eng

5.    Learnist - Service allows you to create your own "collection" of materials on various topics. This is a great source of new information. Free, Eng

6.    MentorMob - Organize your playlists and study them in a course format. Also, you can go through already created materials. Free, Eng

7.    Cojourneo - Service for collaborative learning something. Create a group, add members, define a theme and the virtual class is ready! This website is suitable for online seminars. Free, Eng

8.    Day Zero Project - There is a competitive aspect. If you have a goal - declare it, find like-minded people and, if you are sufficiently reckless, this may work for you. Also, it is very inspiring to look at other people's goals, there are many interesting things! Free, Eng

Also, don't forget to use Grammarly. The most useful website to check all your writings according to the spelling, grammar, style, and punctuation of English rules.

These useful resources for students will help you in your studies, as well as provide an opportunity to gain additional knowledge. Most of them offer free education options or courses that should enhance your skills. Most global sites operate in English, so take this into account when you start using them. Try not to miss online lectures, even if you can rewind materials and repeat what you have learned. Often, students drop objects halfway without delving into a lecture. This can be a big mistake. If you want to impress potential employers or do quality research, then you need to seriously approach the use of these resources. Try to choose what you are interested in and know all the depths of these resources.

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