5 Gemstones That Will Make Your Skin Glow

5 Gemstones That Will Make Your Skin Glow
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From enhancing intuition to reducing stress and anxiety, crystals and gemstones come with a wide array of positive benefits on your health - both mental and physical. Considering this, there's no surprise that the very same precious or semi-precious rocks can be highly beneficial to your skin, from providing an even skin tone to adding a touch of natural glow. Used both in medicine and as part of beauty rituals for thousands of years in different civilizations, gemstones are a true ally when it comes to your skincare routine - and here are five gems that bring amazing benefits to the (beauty) table.

1. For Luminous Brightness: Pearls

The gems of the sea make stunning jewelry like pearl rings or necklaces, but that's not the only type of glow they can add to your look. Fact is, the main reason why pearls make a great skincare ingredient is because they contain a significant amount of gluthathione, a highly potent antioxidant. Due to their detoxifying abilities, pearls (see more at The Pearl Source) are able to even out your skin tone, as well as provide a natural, pearl-like glow and, at the same time, fade unwanted spots. There is a wide variety of products that include pearls on the market, ranging from exfoliating masks to foundations and even nutritional beauty supplements under the form of pearl powder.

2. The Wrinkle Combater: Quartz

There's a reason why Egyptian goddesses loved rose quartz - after all, they were known for their exquisite beauty. Fact is, rose quartz in particular is a great conductor of energy while also being able to improve blood circulation, as well as the elasticity of the skin. The Egyptian goddesses used to splash quartz-infused water on their skin - and you can pretty much get the same results with one of the many rose quartz facial rollers available on the market.

3. Fighting Against Irritation: Lapis

Redness and irritation can cause a great deal of frustration - and it seems that few skincare products on the market are able to combat them. Meet lapis, aka the new (and ancient) way to keep skin redness at bay. In addition to being used in combating stress and rebooting inner wisdom, the deep-blue rock is known for its amazing calming properties. If you could use a dose of calmness and an even skin tone that's nowhere near vibrant pink, make sure to try out one of the facials including lapis on the market.

4. For Optimal Microcirculation: Ruby

Why do you need microcirculation? Firstly, your blood flow needs to be stimulated through the small blood vessels in order to be able to produce new healthy skin cells. Moreover, rubies are known for their detoxifying and purifying properties, which makes them an ideal skincare ingredient, used in nourishing products. If rejuvenated, fresh skin is your goal, go all in on ruby and grab a scrub or a mask including this precious, vibrantly-hued gem.

5. For a Flawless Finish: Sapphire

You might prefer it on your finger or under the form of dangly earrings, but fact is, sapphire is much more than sparkly bling. There are many benefits attributed to sapphire, ranging from reducing inflammation to rejuvenating tissues. The gorgeous blue stone is actually able to stimulate your melanin production, by having an active role over your pituary gland. Since sapphire allows the skin to relax and purify, while also stimulating a refreshed, youthful glow, it's no wonder why these saturated gems have been cherished since the oldest times.


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