Jennifer Lopez With Her Sleek Seasonal Bob

Jennifer Lopez With Her Sleek Seasonal Long Bob
(Photo : By John Bauld from Toronto, Canada - TIFF 2019 jlo (1 of 1)-2, CC BY 2.0, Hollywood Star Jennifer Lopez With Her Sleek Seasonal Long Bob

Around this time of the year, Hollywood celebs probably like to keep it unobtrusive and spend time with their family and friends for the holidays, primarily before the award season goes into a full sail this coming January. It also implies they ultimately have a few hours to schedule that new winter haircut - and Jennifer Lopez is one of the first stars that came out of the door.

J.Lo has been slaying the most ravishing long hair up until lately. From her CFDA Awards ponytail to her wavy on-stage appearances, long braids have become a trademark for Lopez. But that's shifting now.

The singer revealed her freshest change on Instagram, and it's now the only hair inspiration that everyone will ever need this winter, 2019. Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton posted the first photo of her lighter, mid-length hairdo, a layered lob cut that touches her shoulder with lighter-blonde strands framing her golden face. 

The look has a bunch to scrutinize. There are highlights, an asymmetric portion, and a huge possibility that most of us will be considering the same haircut for the rest of the week. Lopez posted her own photo of the cut on Instagram, posing for a selfie beside Appleton and her longtime makeup artist Scott Barnes with a caption, "These guys...doing what they do... #newcut."

Recently, The Hustlers Actress has worn longer hair while doing typical J.Lo stuff like warming up for her Super Bowl halftime show and ending out the Versace show during the Milan Fashion Week. Though, She did tease with a golden-toned bob at September's Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Hustlers.

The look appears to be lower maintenance and wavy style than the sleek, long bob hair she debuted at the Film Festival in September, and it's definitely much shorter than the extensions she latterly rocked to the iHeart Fiesta Latina this month.

On Aug. 10, the Hustlers star came on Good Morning America to discuss her new movie, and while her hair was lured back into a ponytail, and it's clear that some hair extensions had been attached to create the charming look. The long bob she debuted in Toronto wouldn't be almost as long if tidied back into a similar look. 

It continues to be visible which bridal look Lopez will don for her upcoming film, Marry Me, which she's been located shooting in New York City, or her true-to-life wedding to her partner Alex Rodriguez. But if her new styling is any implication, the world's hairstylists will need to be on speed dial.

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