How To Use/Make Pearl Powder Part Of Your Beauty Routine

How To Use/Make Pearl Powder Part Of Your Beauty Routine
(Photo : How To Use/Make Pearl Powder Part Of Your Beauty Routine)

Pearl powder has been making its way into the beauty scene for years, but what exactly is it and what is it used for? Pearl powder is prepared by boiling, thus sterilizing,  pearls and mincing them into fine powder form. That much we know. But what's a pearl made of, anyway? We asked the pearl experts at Laguna Pearl and The Pearl Source for a brief rundown on exactly that. Here's what we found out.

Pearls contain high levels of calcium and magnesium and are rich in other minerals as well. It's thought that the amino acids present in them keep the skin hydrated and facilitate the cells for the production of collagen. It's an age-old ingredient that has been used for thousands of years now to enhance the beauty of one's skin. In the early years, it was most prevalent in China, where it was used as a medicine for tuberculosis and eye problems, plus as a cosmetic to detoxify and heal the skin.

It's now one of the most prominent components among all the beauty products today. If you want to get flawless skin, then this mixture can surely provide you with exceptional results. Here's how you can make use of pearl powder a part of your beauty routine.

Add it on to your makeup products

Pearl powder has a mild texture and mixes well with any of your cosmetics. You can add it onto your oils,  lotions or face creams along with your other makeup products. It helps in keeping your makeup subtle and grant you with a glowing finish.

Moreover, it can also be used with your face masks.  It helps in controlling the excess oil, thus preventing your skin pores from clogging. Besides this, ensure using a moisturiser after rinsing off your mask as pearl powder may often leave your skin dry. Likewise, you can also opt for available pearl face masks in the market.

Ideal diet supplement

The best trait of pearl dust is that it can be included with your other diet supplements. As it is almost flavourless and has no peculiar taste, you can use it with all your favourite recipes. This way, you'll be able to enjoy a delightful meal along with bestowing your body with varied vital minerals and other essential nutrients.

Furthermore, you can also go for pearl capsules and add them to your coffee, soft drinks or even water. When consumed orally, it can work for strengthening your bones as it contains all the essential amino acids. Along with this, this mixture helps in relaxing your body at times and boost up your collagen level.

Fight your acne

You frequently get to fight those pimples along with the dark spots that they tend to leave behind. But pearl powder can help you get over these blotches without much hassle. It helps in exfoliating your skin, removing all of the dead cells and bringing in the new, healthy skin cells.

For this, mix your pearl dust with water to make a paste and apply it on your acne and leave it to work without touching. Try to take this treatment well before you go to bed so that your skin gets enough time to absorb the supplements and provide you with better results.

Night skin healer

Use of pearl mixture before going for your beauty sleep can give you a rejuvenating and glowing skin in the morning. It is firmly believed that your skin is in its repairing mode during the night. Hence, the components present in the powder will assist in healing and replenishing your skin.

Hence, along with your other pearl jewellery items, it's time to invest in the pearl powder as well, to experience a pearl-like glow. No doubt, pearl mixture can do wonders for your skin. It is all in all a multitasker that can benefit you both internally and externally. But side by side, be cautious and perform a patch test before directly applying it to your face as it can cause allergic reactions in rare cases. Hence besides all its pros, firstly examine whether it goes well with your skin or not. 

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