5 Women On The Best Postpartum Denim

(Photo : Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash) Here are 5 Women On The Best Postpartum Denim

"I had a C-section, so I was nervous about wearing jeans at all," stated Meredith Greif, an art history professor. The essence of finding perfectly fitted jeans and clothes in your postpartum will definitely become a relief. Having the effect of sleep loss and the massive change in your physique and having a mild mental illness, fashion will be erased in your top priorities. 

But (reread this sentence) fashion can help you conquer your fears and heal you in to your post-baby life. The task will be utterly puzzling if you have never experienced postpartum, so we questioned nine women who have postpartum.

From the thin jeans, Greif stated that the ideal jeans for women that undergone C-section needs to be comfortable and will not irritate their scars. So, in this case, we made a list of jeans coming from the moms who have undergone C-section. 

Ribcage Flare Jeans

Levi's' Ribcage will not disappoint the moms who love jeans. From the jean's name itself, this jean holds you up until your rib cage, and this is the queen of the high waist jeans. The jeans are made up of corduroy and perfect for moms because of its stretchy feature. Also, add the wine color of the jeans that makes wearing it more nostalgic about the 70's. Aya Kanai, a Fashion Director, recommended these jeans and is a mom to Rei a 20-month-old baby.

Jodi Crop Slit Flare Jeans

"I had a C-section, so I was nervous to wear jeans at all. I also lost weight quickly, so I typically did not need to buy new clothing post-baby. But I fell in love with the opulent stretch-velvet jeans from AG in super black. The thinner, high-waist denim with super stretch material didn't irritate my scar." this statement was from an art history professor, Meredith Greif, mom to max who is three months old. 

High Rise Ankle Crop

"My favourite jeans are Re/Done x Levi's because of the high waist. It feels like it holds me in!" This statement was coming from a mom of a four-year-old girl and a Digital Strategy Consultant, Jennifer Galante. It also copes up with the new styles of Millennials nowadays with its ripped knee part.

Mama J Super Skinny Maternity Jeans

"I lived in my Mama J jeans throughout my pregnancy, and for the first few months after. Comfort became my number one priority, but I also didn't want to sacrifice my style, and these jeans fit the bill. Worth every penny." Stated by Valeria Sosa Mantica, who is an Advertising Account Director, and a mom to a one-month-old baby. According to Valeria, these jeans gave her the comfort that she needs during her pregnancy. The jeans also let her be a fashionista even with a C-section scar. 

The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jean

According to Benedetta Amadi, an Interior Designer, "Post-baby, I wanted jeans that were both comfortable and stylish, and didn't scream 'jeggings.' I love these from Everlane because I knew that once I lost my baby weight, I could still wear them." These jeans help her be confident of her scar and with her post-baby life. She is also a mother to Olimpia, a 17-month-old baby. 

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