5 Thanksgiving Hairstyles That Are Beyond Easy to RecreateCredit : Photo by Rowan Chestnut on Unsplash

It's almost halfway through November, and guess what's coming next? Thanksgiving - everyone's all-time favourite holiday where we could spend time with our family and friends.

Whether you're hosting friends and family this Thanksgiving or just visiting someone else's fête, we can't get away with a ton of pictures documenting the event. Not to mention the fact that you get to see a lot of your relatives and friends that you haven't seen for a long time and even people you don't expect ever to see again (like your ex).

We definitely would want to look our best during this special day. Just as important as perfecting your wardrobe with a stunning outfit, slaying the prettiest makeup, and flashing on those fancy nails, a cute hairstyle is the best way to wrap up your thanksgiving look.

Ahead, check out five lazy girl-approved, but photo-ready hairstyles to inspire you for the season. Swear! They're easy and not time-consuming. Keep scrolling.

The Bejeweled Cornrows Thanksgiving Hairstyle

Add some thrill to your Thanksgiving hairstyle by improving your classic cornrows with these dainty hair rings. The stunning embroidery in your style means that you can skip all the statement jewelry and let your beautiful hair do all the work. But before you start braiding, be sure your baby hairs are set with edge control and don't forget to moisturize your scalp first with a non-greasy conditioner.

The Curly Thanksgiving Hairstyle

Completely embrace your natural hair with this very easy-to-recreate hairstyle for Thanksgiving. There is nothing more beautiful than letting your natural curl trim to be the focus of your look. If you have looser curls or deep waves, put on a curl-enhancing cream to add a little volume to your hair. Or use a twist-out foam and Flexi rods for heatless texture if you have tighter curl trim. 

The Textured High-Ponytail Thanksgiving Hairstyle

The ponytail is the commonly used hairstyle that girls do around the world. Why not recreate the typical ponytail into a more daring and sexy high ponytail looks? Adding a little tip to this style is retouching your second-day ponytail to give your hair an extra grit and look broader in size. Sprinkle your hair with enough volumizing spray, dry your hair, and add an ample amount of dry shampoo to your scalp to give your hair an additional texture. For the last step for the style, pull your hair up to achieve a high ponytail and tie it with your hair binder. 

The Waist-Length Thanksgiving Hairstyle

The waist-length style is talking only about the length of your hair. You don't need to do anything about it and just let it be as long as it is. As Kim Kardashian's primary hairstyle, we all know that this hairstyle will be the sexiest style throughout the season. If your hair doesn't meet the length you need to achieve this style, try some hair extensions with or without waves to get this style. 

The Blown-Out Thanksgiving Hairstyle

This hairstyle is inspired by some of the planet's most beautiful supermodels. Jawline hair length can give you an extremely feminine and sexy look exposing the shape of your face and body. First, you need to pour a heat protectant to your hair and use your brushes to lift your hair while blowdrying it into your roots to provide them with a bouncy but not flown away hair.