The 5 Best Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2019

Best Hair Colors for Winter 2019
(Photo : Photo by Hannah Skelly on Unsplash) 5 Best Hair Colors for Winter 2019

With the changing seasons comes with new trends. We always watch out for what's next in the beauty world and this includes hair colors.

From frosty fresh blonde to golden-black brunette, our new ideal hair shades can hype up anyone's look when the rest of the world seems grey. 

If you haven't got your winter-perfect color yet, take a glimpse at the hair color trends that are poised to be tremendous this year. Get ahead of the crowd and try out something out of the ordinary this winter, 2019.

Blended Balayage

Stuck between blonde and brunette? Get the best of both worlds with a soft fade from ashy dark brown roots to light blonde hair for a little extra drama in your winter look.

This hair color brightens your look on dull winter days. Frame your face with blended balayage pieces like the famous celebs, Margot Robbie, and Miley Cyrus.

Icy Platinum

Platinum blonde hair is a highly- envied shade. The color survives the test of time for proffering anyone with a carefree cool vibe. Try an icy tone like Cara Delevingne's hair color for this coming winter. 

Pop Color

Adding a pop color to your hair might be a little too extra for the season, but it will definitely spice up your looks for the holidays. A bright-colored hairstyle like Billie Eilish's draws a lot of attention. Her trademark look may be bold, but that doesn't mean it won't be huge this season. 

"I think people will like to play around with a version of this look by starting out with platinum hair, dying the roots one color, and leaving the ends either platinum or dying it another. Pastel colors would be ideal for this look," according to Stephanie Brown, Master Colorist at IGK Salon Soho in New York City.

"If you have short hair, try a bold teal green all over like Cynthia Erivo," Brown suggests for an evenly on-trend impact.

Golden-Black Brunette 

"For brunettes with almost black hair, like Lizzo or Shay Mitchell, look for an almost gold undertone for the hair. It should almost be like gold flecks are reflecting off of it," Brown advises. 

"Warmer hair is more flattering for most skin tones as it brightens up the face," explains Brown. However, she cautions against adding red to the mix. "It might read more eggplant or purple, which we want to avoid," she says.

Icy Silver

Silver hair is a unique way to renew your look stylishly and refreshingly. It isn't just for old folks these days. Women of all ages are slaying tones of silver from bright shades of platinum to smokey grays. Go for a new silver hue with slightly darker roots like Cardi B to become the ice queen you've always desired to be.

Fortunately for us, these chromas are unquestionably wearable. Some are easier than others to obtain, but each can look stunningly beautiful on just about everyone.

Your new hair-color vibe for 2019 is ready. So go and step up your hair game before the first freeze hits.

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