How You Can Reshape Your Eyebrows

How you can reshape your eyebrows
(Photo : How you can reshape your eyebrows)

Many women worry about their face, particularly their eyebrows which often help define what you look like.  Sometimes women make the mistake of trying to reshape or change their eyebrows by plucking them with tweezers. The problem with this is that it can often lead to over-plucking resulting in eyebrows that are too thin or that have an uneven or strange shape.

Eyebrow hairs can take up to four months to grow back which can be very worrisome if you have accidentally over-plucked. It is possible to use makeup such as brow fillers to try to fix the eyebrows.

If you haven't over-plucked your eyebrows you may be able to shape them using a brow pencil. In some cases, brow tinting is a good option for a woman and this has the advantage of accentuating eyebrows and enhancing them. It is something that people can do at home using a kit or can be done by a specialist. In either case it involves using a special dye which is applied to the eyebrows, which helps to define and shape the brows more.

What about eyebrow hair transplants?

Eyebrow hair transplants offer the most permanent solution to problem brows. In fact, it can help if you have accidentally over-plucked your eyebrows or simply want to change the thickness and shape of the eyebrows.

There are many clinics that offer hair transplant surgeries such as the FUT, DHI and FUE. Eyebrow transplants are most often done using the FUE and can be done at clinics such as the Vera Clinic in Istanbul.

Hair is first removed from behind the ears or from parts of the thigh. Head hair is not used because this does not match the quality and type of hair that is found making up your eyebrows. It is a delicate procedure in which the hair specialist needs to be extremely careful to not accidentally cut hair follicles being removed for grafting. The other important part of the procedure is that the specialist has to make sure the hair follicles are positioned at the exact correct angle and position in the eyebrow region. This is crucial in the process to ensure that the hairs grow correctly to produce the desired natural look of the eyebrow.

The FUE eyebrow hair transplant procedure is a good option for people who have lost eyebrows because of trauma, or from hormonal problems.

Details on the FUE eyebrow transplant

The specialist first uses local anesthetic to numb up the region where hair will be removed and then they extract the hairs. Numbing medicine is also used for where the hair follicles are to be grafted in place. The entire process can take as long as 6 hours and it is not unusual to have hair shock loss after about 14 days. This is normal and most of the eyebrow hair will have grown back by 6 months after the procedure. The hair loss clinic can give you more advice on what to expect.

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