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Surgery leaves us with no choice. You can either live with the pain until it becomes a life and death situation or go under the knife. An exemption is cosmetic surgery.

Be it a medical necessity or for aesthetics, one thing is inevitable -- healing after surgery always leaves a scar.

Despite advancements in technology, truly scar-less surgery remains elusive. Doctors have only been clever in hiding new scars behind tattoos, old scars, the midline of the abdomen or through a smaller incision.

Some battle scars cannot be hidden. Doctors have no other way around splitting open flesh where it is highly visible to the eyes of every critic.

Trauma Beyond the Operating Room

After the physical pain from surgery is gone, the psychological pain remains and continues to resurface.

We can try to camouflage or cover up our scars with makeup, but even those hacks cannot trick the mind. Scars have the power to make us body-conscious, anxious, shameful and even depressed.

It sounds exaggerated to the oblivious, but scars can affect a person's reputation, self-confidence, self-esteem, job opportunities, mobility, intimacy and social acceptance.

Feel Comfortable in Your Skin

Because the fetal stage is the only time humans have scar-less healing, we turn to scar treatment with the hope of restoring both aesthetic appeal and self-reclaim.

Here are some of our favorites:

Aroamas Professional Silicone Scar Sheets (Photo : Photo by Aroamas on Amazon) Aroamas Professional Silicone Scar Sheets

1. Aroamas Professional Silicone Scar Sheets

Add this to your nighttime beauty routine and you may soon wake up to lighter scars. Silicone sheeting is clinically proven to manage scars from surgery, C-sections and keloids. It works with raised, reddish and inflamed surgery scars.

Apply it directly on skin as it is toxic-free, odorless and safe for adults, nursing moms and children.

It is best used soon after wounds close and there are no scabs. You can leave it on while you sleep for eight to 12 hours. Visible results are apparent at around 12 weeks, but medical experts recommend treatment for about six months.

St. Mege Medical-Grade Drug-Free Silicone Scar Sheets (Photo : Photo by St. Mege on Amazon) St. Mege Medical-Grade Drug-Free Silicone Scar Sheets

2. St. Mege Medical-Grade Silicone Scar Sheets

In the unfortunate event that our top pick is out of stock, we recommend these drug-free silicone scar sheets by St. Mege.

It costs a bit more than Aroamas, but for an eight-week supply, it offers good value for money. Like Aroamas, St. Mege Silicone Sheets also help flatten scars from medical and cosmetic surgery.

Aroamas Advanced Scar Gel Medical-Grade Silicone (Photo : Photo by Aroamas on Amazon) Aroamas Advanced Scar Gel Medical-Grade Silicone

3. Aroamas Advanced Silicone Scar Gel

Silicone sheets are great for scars under clothing -- like C-sections and appendectomy. However, when scars are prominently placed on the face, hands, arms and legs, self-drying silicone gel is preferred.

We love that when it dries, you can apply sunscreen and makeup on it without affecting the efficiency of the scar treatment. The only downside is you have to reapply the gel two to three times a day, and there's a bit of waiting time to dry.

If you don't like adhesives, a colorless and odorless topical silicone gel is your best option. Aroamas is our top choice for silicone scar gel, as it won't irritate sensitive skin and can even be used for scar treatment of children.

4. Mederma Advanced Scar Gel

Mederma has been the popular choice for scar removal, but keep in mind that it is not especially formulated for children, as Aroamas is.

Those with sensitive skin may also find this formulation to cause allergies and skin irritation. Some also say it can cause skin drying. It is also not odorless and has a distinct scent.

Nevertheless, it is an affordable buy. So if you're skin is not hypersensitive, it's worth the try.

5. Bio-Oil Multi-Use Skincare Oil

Bio-Oil is more readily available, as you can shop it online or at your local Walmart. It is not specifically formulated for scar treatment after surgery, but it does help lighten scars and improve its overall appearance.

A noticeable flaw is its scent, which some may find overpowering. It does work well to hydrate dry skin and is advertised as hypoallergenic.

Let Them Stare

For the longest time, you may not have been at peace with your mirror. You may not like looking into the eyes of people you know are staring at your scars, waiting for you to tell the story behind it.

While body-positivity is helping many learn to embrace and accept their flaws, the story behind some scars should be forgotten. Trauma is not something you want to live with everyday, so finding a way to lighten your scars can be the first step towards being confident in your own skin again.