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No Backing Down: 3 Models with Down Syndrome Become Beauty Inspiration

(Photo : Photo by J-No on Flickr) Madeline Stuart model with Down Syndrome

October is the time of the year when people all over the world recognize and celebrate individuals who are living with Down Syndrome.

In celebration of the International Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we thought it is fitting to bring to the spotlight three beautiful ladies who conquered Down Syndrome and became beauty inspirations.

Victoria Giuricich

The 21-year-old lets nothing get in the way of her dreams, both academically as well as in her modeling career.

Giuricich says she was inspired by the Australian model Madeline Stuart, who also lives with Down Syndrome. She heard about Stuart receiving an invite from Italian fashion boutique M Missoni to promote their show at the 2019 Fashion Week in Milan.

For her part, Giuricich had a stint in the fashion industry when she took a design course with South African designer Isabelle Lotter in collaboration with Empowered Versatile Enablement (EVE).

The course capped with SA Fashion Week 2018, where Giuricich modeled her designs -- a highlight for the young aspiring model. Her mother, Maria Giuricich, shared her proud moment and said she "hopes someone will give Vicky the opportunity to prove herself." The amazed mom believes her daughter can be "a role model for anyone who doubts their capabilities."

Grace Strobel

When a person is born with Down Syndrome, the parents are quickly made aware of everything their parent will be struggling with -- from reading to tying their own shoes.

Such was the case with Grace Strobel, a 23-year-old model who has walked the runway during the Atlantic City Fashion week and has appeared in several magazines.

When a genetic counselor talked to them about everything Grace would be needing help with, her mother, Linda Strobel, swore she would help her daughter "become the best person she can."

Grace is also active in raising awareness of what life is like living with Down syndrome. A bullying incident at school inspired Grace to talk about her struggles, and for two years now, she has talked to over 3,000 students.

She answers her peers questions and encourages them to be kind to people with differences, saying, "I want to show how we can change a life by being kind and giving respect, no matter who you are."

Her mother says that it fills her with "such incredible joy inside" when she sees her daughter modeling and standing up in front of students, adding that she has seen how hard her daughter worked.

For Grace, modeling is something she enjoys, sharing that it makes her feel good about herself -- "like a princess."

Kate Grant

A 20-year-old model, Katie Grant was crowned Teen Ultimate Beauty of the World pageant and has modeled at Belfast Fashion Week. Recently, she was chosen to be a brand ambassador for Benefit Cosmetics, a makeup brand with over 2,000 shops globally.

Katie posted a picture of her wearing Benefit Cosmetics eyeliner on the brand's Instagram page, which melted the hearts of those who follow the brand.

Her mom, Deidre Grant, shared how proud she is of her daughter, whom she revealed is filled with optimism. She shared how Kate "does not allow obstacles or her disability to be in the way," pointing out that her daughter would simply say, "Down Syndrome does not define me - I am Kate."

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