facing mirrorCredit : Photo by Min An on Pexels

How does one define beauty? When people look in the mirror, they don't always see eye to eye with how other people see them.

That is how it is for London-based model Gigi Hari, who believes in "never conforming to traditional beauty ideals."

Hari opened up about her childhood, recalling the time when she "felt like the prettiest girl in the room" with pink, purple and gold braid on her bangs and baby pink fairy wings. Although everyone mocked her, it didn't matter.

Hari revealed herself as a "trans-femme model and artist who is gentle, fragile, yet deeply powerful." She went on to say that she feels she is not yet done growing and developing in the hearts of those who love her.

The Start of Her Modeling Career

Gigi Hari was cast via social media for his first-ever modeling assignment for couturier Matty Bovan -- a stint which Hari admits opened many doors.

Her modeling career catapulted from there. At the same time, Hari also started going through medical transition "to celebrate (Hari's) form in all stages between masculinity and femininity, and embrace the beauty of the in-between."

A Fiery Inspiration

Hari revealed her beauty inspiration was Korean Pop star G-Dragon, saying that G-Dragon made her feel permitted to experiment with beauty outside of the Western view of what masculine is.

Hari quickly grew popular as the face of Björn Borg x Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY underwear campaign. She recalled this experience as the first time that a trans-femme became the face of a men's underwear brand.

On Defining Beauty

Hari admitted that it is "very rare" that she feels beautiful in a traditional sense. She knows she looks "interesting" and has "a special kind of beauty." More importantly, however, Hari shared that she feels beautiful when she connects with people in their hearts.

She added that it's important for her to appreciate beauty outside of your universe of understanding and to see beauty beyond the surface appearance.

Hari stands as "unapologetically authentic" and presents herself in her truest form, with or without makeup.

On Styling Herself

Hari described her style as "wearing my feelings on my face and hair." She said that she loves creating wigs and hairpieces, and be inspired to try out different new looks.

When it comes to fragrances, Hari emphasized that while she is not an avid fan, she does love the smell of clean bare skin which is the "prettiest and comforting" to her.

Her Beauty Secrets

Hari talked about the importance of having easy rituals, not just for self-care and maintaining appearance. She pointed out that it also helps when you "struggle with depression or anxiety."

Cetaphil is a moisturizer she trusts, as it is recommended by her makeup artist and close friend Sabu Suzuki.

Her beauty routine includes Depyxim cosmetic emulsion. She raves about this cosmetic treatment, especially as they are waterproof and don't stain.

Hari also revealed that she commits to Dermaplaning treatment every month as part of her skincare routine.