woman smelling fragranceCredit : Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash

“What does it smell like?” and “Is that even legal?”

These are some of the questions you might get when you say the scent you’re wearing is infused with cannabis. Cannabis Eau de Parfum is a real thing.

It’s a unisex fragrance with a top note of bergamot, tempered with magnolia and a base of patchouli. It’s also TCH-free, although not all cannabis perfumes are.

Is it Legal?

If you’re asking if you’ll be stopped by police for reeking of marijuana scent in your car with this perfume, here’s why you won’t:

The number of states legalizing the use of medical marijuana and recreational cannabis is increasing, and a growing number of industries have tapped into this $32 billion market opportunity.

Cannabis has entered the food and fragrance industries, as well as sustainable fashion and cosmetics. Even paper, plastics, fuel and packaging may soon be replaced with a biodegradable solution as cannabis continues to be legalized in America.

What Does It Smell Like?

Smoking pot has a unique smell that’s described as skunk-like to those who aren’t used to it. However, cannabis perfume is not just bong water thrown into a bottle and mixed with floral notes.

As it stands, not all cannabis perfumes even contain real cannabis. Some only mimic the potent aroma of cannabis through chemistry. The real ones come with the benefits of cannabis, including its calming, anxiety-relieving properties.

Cannabis also has a rep for sticking to fabrics for a long time. If in the past you did all means to mask the smell of weed, now you can legally wear it -- the perfume that is! This is true because even those that contain real cannabis don’t contain enough cannabis to be addictive. So no, it won’t get you high.

Our Favorites

Are you ready to try cannabis-infused perfumes? Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell stinky, thanks to the floral, fruity and woodsy scents combined in the concoction. Plus, fragrance experts tread lightly when using this strong scent.

1. Cannabis Santal

When the creator of the Department of Olfactory Art of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York recommends a fragrance, you know it’s a worthwhile scent.

The cannabis perfume with black plum, bergamot and Brazilian Orange is what Chandler Burr calls “perfectly calibrated.” Cannabis Santal is available at Sephora.

2. The Clean Reserve Avant Garden

This unisex scent with a blend of locally-sourced cardamom, bergamot and ginger-infused with cannabis flower is one of the best cannabis perfumes in the market.

Its artistic blend of spices gives this perfume a kick that’s not on the throat.

3. Cannabis by Malin and Goetz

Despite its name, this cannabis perfume doesn’t contain the real thing. with that said, it won’t induce a drug-like state.

It was concocted to mimic the scent of the cannabis flower and the feelings the herb brings. The brand also has a bestseller cannabis-like aromatic candle.

4. FloraBotanica by Balenciaga

When a high-end brand like Balecia launches a cannabis perfume, you know it’s not just a hype. The notable designer took hemp with a twist, incorporating Turkish rose essences with hemp leaves, carnation, white amber and wild mint.

The scent is flirtatious and young. It’s sold at Sephora.

5. Dirty Grass

The perfumer behind Candles for Lady Gaga and Dita von Teese Fleur Teese perfume, Douglas Little is also the nose behind this cannabis-infused unisex fragrance.

He fused the herb scent of hemp-derived CBD oil with the sweetness of pink pepper and a touch of lemon zest. Little revealed that the fragrance can deliver the calming impact of CBD directly into the bloodstream.