Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Baby a Real Archie: A Redhead!

(Photo : By Mark Jones -, CC BY 2.0, Meghan Markle wearing a coat

We talked about hairs so much on this page, but there's one hair color that we have been quite interested in finding out for the past months - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby Archie's! For months, we wondered whether the royal baby would be a brunette like her mom or take after her dad and be a redhead. 

It seems like this baby boy is determined to grow up with his dad's features predominant. He's a redhead! 

It seems funny to us though that not only does he has the same name as our favourite comic character Archie (of the Archie Comics), he now has the same hair color! Despite just having a few wisps of hair for us to see clearly what his hair color will be, Meghan Markle already confirmed that her baby will be a redhead and who are we to contest that? Mama knows their babies best, y'all.

According to Allure, at the WellChild Awards held in London on Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were talking with guests Angela Sunderland and daughter Milly where the revelation took place. The telltale sign was apparently the red coming through the adorable baby's eyebrows and not from his head. "Meghan said he has [red hair] and Harry said he definitely has, and you can see it in his eyebrows," Sunderland shared to the press. 

Archie is a bit ahead of his dad too, with regard to growing hair. At five months, Prince Harry claimed he still had no hair. However, Archie already has some. "Meghan told him she had taken [Archie] to the playgroup and she said there were other children there with the same amount of hair or even less," Sunderland added.

If there is anything to this cute revelation, it's the discovery that Markle really has her bonding moments (some captured in photos and shared to the world) with her baby no matter how busy her schedule could be. Imagine going to a baby's playdates? Imagine noticing the hair color of your son? Who is to say that she is not prioritizing her baby? Granted, these should be natural and normal for moms, but for all that Markle has been in the middle of the past few months, it is truly a relief to know that she can still wind down for her baby.

Prince Harry too should be lauded. Just recently, baby Archie's father Prince Harry made an emotional speech about fatherhood and revealed what he felt last year when the baby was still in Markle's tummy. He said he was excited as well as apprehensive about bringing forth a baby to this world when chaos and conflicts exist. Having a dad that is proactive in thinking is certainly a blessing for baby Archie. Prince Harry even reassured his wife Markle that she looks great five months after baby Archie was born, People reports.  

He's wayyyy up in our best daddy list that is for sure. 

The kind of life baby Archie will live in the palace once he understands the implications of his birthright, is unclear. However, one thing's definite: he's very well-loved by his parents and therefore, blessed beyond immeasurable doubt.

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