7 Beauty Hacks for Dewy, Pink Lips

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When you have dark lips, you won't feel confident to bare yourself in a no-makeup challenge. Or even go out without lipstick. That's a shame though.

However, why do lips get darker, and how do you get back to soft and dewy pink lips?

First, the darkening of the lips can happen because of sun exposure. It also happens with a lack of lip care. Our lips also need to be moisturized and exfoliated.

Habits such as lip sucking and smoking may also cause our lips to get darker, and so does wearing cheap lipsticks.

Now, why are lips pink? Lips are pink or reddish in color because it is covered by a thin layer of skin and underneath are red blood vessels. More blood vessels circulate on our lips, which give off that red or pink pigment.

Apparently, like the rest of our skin, hyper-pigmentation can happen on our lips.

So how to make my lips pink again? If you want to know how to get pink lips naturally, here are seven beauty tips that work:

Moisturize Your Lips

Before lips get dark, you may notice your lips are cracking, drying or chapping. When these lip problems are not treated right away, it can star the pigmentation and darkening of the lips.

A lip balm for chapped and dry lips can help treat these issues, so your lips are kept healthy and naturally pink.

Don't Suck or Lick Your Lips

When we get into the habits of sucking or licking our lips, we misinterpret these actions as hydrating our lips. Nonetheless, the opposite is true. Doing these habits will only make our lips drier, as it strips off the moisture from our lips.

It can result in dried and chapped lips which can get darker.

Stay Hydrated

Increasing your intake of water can help keep your lips hydrated, and when lips are hydrated, it can combat dryness.

Always moisturize on the outside, and hydrate on the inside for the best results.

Apply Lip Balm First

Before you choose a Kylie Cosmetics lipstick shade, it is essential not to skip on lip balm. When heading out, it is vital to choose a lip balm with SPF protection. 

Apply lip balm first to moisturize the lips because lipstick -- especially matte ones -- can dry our lips. Use lip balm before applying lip gloss as well.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Get rid of the layers of dead skin cells on your lips, as these can cause your lips to get dark.

Gently exfoliate your lips with a mixture of sugar and lip balm or honey and sugar. You may also brush your lips with your toothbrush -- by brushing in a circular motion, gently.

Don't Use Dark Lipstick Too Often

Pigmented lipsticks and darker shades will eventually lead to pigmentation. Be especially wary of artificial cosmetics or low-quality lipsticks, which may have toxins that are not good for the lips.

Always go for a trusted brand when considering a shade for your lips. In the meantime, stick to nudes and soft colors.

Protect Your Lips from Harsh Weather

When it is cold outside and the air is dry, your lips can quickly get dry. Cover your mouth with a scarf and make sure to have used lip balm.

When going outside in the heat of the sun, be sure to moisturize with a lip balm with SPF protection and avoid sun exposure when possible.

All of these tips can help bring back your lips to its pink and dewy state.

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