Adidas in honor of the London Olympics presents new collaboration with English shoe brand Church's. The Adidas and Church's created a classic new stylish sneakers for the new up coming season.

The Adidas collaboration with Church's brings 138 years of English traditional expertise to Adidas "Originals" trainer sneakers.  The shoe with Adidas trademark three stripes features, borgue details on a premium leather badge with Church's and Adidas logo's. The sneakers bare the markings of premium suede and hand crafted soft leather.

The Adidas "Originals" trainer sneakers come in two distinct versions in dark grey and chocolate with matching soles and highlights.

Church's fashion shoe brand is known for classic hand crafted shoes which grew from a small family owned business to a recognized shoe brand with over 700 employees. The company was acquired in 1999 by Prada and is expanding it's image beyond England to greater global markets with high quality footwear and new clothing and accessories line.