Beauty, Skin Care and Makeup Tips: 5 Beauty Blogs Worth the Follow

(Photo : Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash) Beauty Blogs worth the follow

With plenty of reading materials about beauty, makeup and skin care available online, it can be pretty exhausting - and vexing - to find the right content for you.

Besides, there are so many information out there that you just don't know what to believe in anymore!

Believe it or not, we've been through that as well. To make matters worse, the advices we get from reading beauty blogs online can be contrasting.

To help you in your next Google (or Yahoo or Bing) search, we've compiled some of the best beauty blogs and websites that are worth the follow.


Run by the sister act of Sam and Nic Chapman, Pixiwoo mainly provides makeup tutorials. However, they do more than just that, as they also give beauty tricks and expert tips that are easy to understand and apply.

The Chapman duo are London-based makeup artists, who both have tons of experience in the beauty industry. Their vlogs are simple and straightforward, which is why over 2.1 million have subscribed on their YouTube channel.

Looking for the perfect wedding makeup or for that prom-worthy look? Pixiwoo is the way to go!

Miss Whoever You Are

Miss Whoever You Are covers fashion trends, provides makeup tutorials and gives product reviews - literally the things you want in a beauty blog!

The woman behind the blog, Eileen, also tries the trends and products she reviews, giving it a more personal and trustworthy feeling.

Plus, her website is a visual treat and easy to navigate!

Instant Grooming

Let's not forget the men, shall we?

Admit it or not, it's really hard for men to find the right beauty blog that caters to their needs as men. They need to groom too, you know?

Fortunately, Instant Grooming provides just what men want! Best razors and hair trimmers? Check! How to take care of your hair? Check! How to shave your head if you want to go bald? BIG CHECK!

Most of their posts are product reviews, but they also do have content related to body grooming for that perfect go-to site for boys and men.

Beauty is Boring

Contrary to its name, beauty is not boring with this blog site.

Renowned makeup artist Robin Black - who has worked with the likes of Olivia Wilde, Eva Mendes and Amber Heard to name a few - headlines Beauty is Boring. Her blog is like a photo dictionary of her works, but you can click on the photos and see a step-by-step guide and the products she used to achieve each look.

The blog also has video tutorials for those who prefer watching instead of reading!

Beauty World News

Of course, we can't end this piece without including yours truly.

Call it shameless plug or whatever you want, but we believe our work here in Beauty World News deserves some recognition.

Besides providing daily updates on the latest fashion and beauty trends, Beauty World News also offers how-tos and reviews of beauty products - from skin care, facial care and (really) overall body care.

Plus, there's curated content related celebrities, unveiling their top secrets when it comes to always looking good on and off the camera.

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