Kylie JennerCredit : Josh Park [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Kylie Jenner recently provided an office tour of the Kylie Cosmetics headquarters in California, and certainly, everyone is going crazy about it!

After all, who wouldn't want to work in such a spacious and elegant office that provides all kinds of perks to the employees?

If a 16-minute video tour is enough to get everyone gaga over it, what more if you're actually working there every single day!

We get it. No office is perfect. Nonetheless, it's hard to blame anyone for dreaming to at least work in the Kylie Cosmetics head office.

Today, we at least some of the notable perks we observed in Kylie Jenner's office tour.

Pink Snacks, Pink Umbrella, Pink Everything!

If you're a fan of pink, then you'll definitely fall in love with Kylie's office. From pink snacks, pink umbrella to pink plates and cups, it's a heaven for every pink lover!

While not everything is necessarily pink, it's the main accent of the office. Kylie confessed that it's her favorite color, and giving the office her touch makes it extra personal for her.

Kardashian Reading Materials!

At Kylie Cosmetics, you'll definitely be able to keep up with the Kardashians!

It's not that the Kardashian sisters usually visit the office, but the office has plenty of kardashian-related magazines that employees can read.

The office has a display of all the magazines Kylie has covered, as well as select magazines that featured her sisters.

Your Own Cubicles!

While plenty of offices today have that open floor layout to cater to the Millennials, the Kylie Cosmetics head office actually has cubicles for its employees!

Apparently, Kylie is not a big fan of the open office floor plan, though that doesn't mean she doesn't want her employees to talk or work together. In fact, the office is pretty spacious and has a couple of huge common areas.

To be honest, it's the dream office for the claustrophobics!

Free drinks ... and Jaden Smith's Boxed Water

Plenty of businesses today provide free unlimited drinks to employees with their own refrigerators, and Kylie Cosmetics is no different. It even includes Kylie's favorite beverage that she didn't name!

However, it's worth noting that Kylie opts for Just Water as her office water of choice. "Just Water" is the boxed-water, eco-friendly brand co-founded by Jaden Smith - Kylie's longtime friend.

A Champagne Vending Machine?!

Yes, you read that right. Kylie Cosmetics has their own champagne vending machine!

It's unclear if everyone is allowed to use that, considering that it's in the photo studio, but it would still be pretty cool to say "we have a champagne vending machine" in our office!

Kylie admitted she hasn't tried it yet, so it wouldn't be wrong to assume that not a lot of people in the office has tried it too.

Play with Stormi Webster

It's always nice to have a kid in the office. Just seeing an innocent kid smile and play could ease the stressful days in the office.

That's even more so if the said kid is Stormi Webster, Kylie's daughter with Travis Scott.

Kylie revealed that Stormi is always with her and even provided her one-year-old kid with her own playroom in the office. We're guessing Stormi brings a lot of fun to the people in Kylie Cosmetics!