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Yoga is no longer just for improved flexibility or for combatting mental stress. A bonus to get you to do those twists and bends? Glowy, dewy complexion!!

Yoga's benefits are growing. As more people get into the state of self-love and self-care, yoga's proving itself to be a crucial component. Not only does it make people move better, but it also makes people feel better about themselves and the world. 

The great news is that yoga can literally make you have youthful and glowing skin, too, even if you do only the easy poses. Getting all sweaty in a mat makes you glow? Yes, yes! 

Check out these three EASY poses that can guarantee you a skin transformation sans facials and scrubs. You might even find yourself chucking out that highlighter after doing these poses religiously.

1.   Pranayama (Deep Breathing Exercises)

Pranayama or the yoga breathing exercise can transform your skin. And, it's so rewarding to do. Just sit on the floor or the mat and cross your legs. Close your eyes if you need to and keep your spine straight. This does not mean being stiff. 

Just sit properly and breathe normally. After several breaths, start to breathe so much more deeply using both your nostrils. Count to 10 in your head and then hold your breath for another ten counts. Release your breath. 

Do this sequence repeatedly for five minutes, and you're all set. Doing this means constantly cleaning your head and letting go of all the stresses from your body, effectively clearing your skin ad, making it glow. One reason why skin can look so patchy and unclear in the first place is because of the bad vibes you're holding in on the daily. 

2.   Child's Pose

Child's pose is usually done in a yoga class to get you back into your neutral self after all the bends and twists. As a pose on itself, this has several benefits, too, including getting you clear and glowing skin. It's easy to do. 

Start by sitting in a kneeling position. In this position, spread your thighs apart while keeping your heels together. Place your buttocks atop your heels and then stretch your body down and forward. 

Once your head reaches the mat, rest it there and stretch your arms above or by your sides. Do this asana just for five minutes daily, and you'll see your skin transformed in no time. Just make sure your mat is clean, naturally. 

3.   Cobra Pose

This is one of the poses that is best for getting healthier-looking skin. It's not super easy and will require you to work some glutes and your back, but the posture's hardly painful. In fact, it feels really good if you get into it. This posture opens up your chest and releases all the pressure and tension from your body. 

Because your organs are given the adequate supply of oxygen it needs through this pose, your skin will also change for the better. 

Lie down on your stomach, then using your arms, stretch up, and back your upper body until your head is towards the ceiling. Be careful to check that your palms are pressing the ground firmly, and your shoulders are open instead of being hunched or tensed. 

There are so many more yoga poses that can cop you that glow you are desiring, but these three are the least complicated. Naturally, the other poses are more exciting - headstands, handstands, and plough poses? If you want to try them, go ahead and see your skin and body transformed!