Woman smelling perfumeCredit : Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

There is a growing awareness about the dangers of testing beauty products on animals. Add to that are the issues of fragrance sensitivity from exposure to chemicals in some beauty products.

Allergic reactions to perfume include breathing problems and skin irritation. Naturally, as perfume-lovers, we look for alternatives.

It all comes down to personal preferences and sensitivity, but here, we shared plenty of options in the natural, organic and vegan perfume categories.

What's the Difference Between Natural, Organic and Vegan Perfumes?

Natural perfumes are composed mainly of mineral or plant matter. Occasionally, you may see components from animal or synthetic ingredients. This is often the first choice when choosing green beauty.

Organic perfumes have ingredients grown and prepared without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or growth hormones. With that said, it is synthetic-free.

Vegan perfumes, on the other hand, have no ingredients sourced from animals -- including milk or honey. Vegan perfumes are not necessarily natural or organic. It may contain synthetic ingredients.

A Word About Cruelty-Free Perfumes

Not all natural, organic and vegan perfumes are cruelty-free. Cruelty-free means they were not tested on animals, or animal derivatives, and are not sold in China where animal testing is required by law.

Now, on to that list...


15. Honore des Pres

Their perfumes contain 100 percent natural ingredients with NO synthetic ingredients. They are sold online on the detox market. Their Trip Eau De Toilette is 100 percent natural and 85 percent organic -- a mix of tangerines and lemons with a kick of spicy peppers from the Philippine Islands.

14. Prim Botanicals

Fragrance oils are blended from natural essential oils diluted with a carrier oil. It may or may not contain a blend of synthetic aroma.

Mademoiselle Swell Perfume Oil by Prim Botanicals is a daytime scent made of Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil blended with the floral notes of jasmine, neroli oil and citrus oil.

13. Jurlique

If you're looking for a natural perfume that is lightly-scented, Jurlique's Balancing Blend Aromatherapy Mist is one to consider. It is a delicate formulation of lavender, sage and rosewood -- a calming and earthy blend.

12. Lotus Wei

Their Pure Energy Perfume is certified organic and uses flower aromatherapy that makes you feel bold and strong. It's a mix of organic essential oils and flower essences.

It is also free of synthetic ingredients, phthalates and chemicals.


11. Ecco Bella

Enter green beauty with this brand that offers organic beauty essentials from makeup and skincare to fragrances. Ecco Bella Organic Eau de Parfum in Natural Lemon with Essential Oils contains Organic grain alcohol, geranium, rosemary, lemon and lemongrass for a very fresh scent with a hint of French lavender.

It is 100 percent gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

10. Vered

The brand is keen on sourcing their ingredients from the highest quality organic and synthetic-free sources. Their essential oils are blended with organic jojoba oil.

Signature Scent Perfume Oil by Vered has the warmness of rose and jasmine with a hint of woodsy and orange aroma.

9. French Girl Organics

Many green perfumes are only lightly-scented. If you want a stronger scent, try French Girl Organics perfume. Their formulation is made without petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and GMOs. Plus, they do not test on animals.

The scent is very summery with dark citrus, cacao, green tea and night-blooming Jasmine Sambac.

8. A Perfume Organic

They have a wide line of 100 percent natural, vegan, organic and none toxic perfumes available on their website. Their packaging is eco-friendly too!

7. Abel

Concocted by Frances Shoemack, a perfume artisan who didn't stop with natural fragrances, Red Santal has ethically-sourced organic ingredients and natural essential oils.


6. Pacifica

This brand is a great way to go into vegan perfumes, as they offer an entire line of affordable cruelty-free perfumes.

For traveling, a great choice would be their Himalayan Patchouli Berry Perfumed Hair & Body Mist. It has a feel-good scent inspired by the Festival of Colours in Nepal.

5. Laboratory Perfumes

This British brand offers unisex fragrances in gender-neutral packaging. Try their Gorilla Perfume Collection available from Lush Cosmetics stores.

4. Floral Street

This vegan perfume was concocted by Jerome Epinette -- the artisan behind Ariana Grande's new perfume. Floral Street is vegan and even considered packaging with a focus on sustainability.

Try Neon Rose for a very feminine and happy scent.

3. Eden Perfumes

Their No. 007 Floral Aldehyde Women's Perfume was created to smell like your signature perfumes without using animal byproducts.

2. Victoria's Secret

The brand is trying to go vegan with their Pink Body collection of green, organic and 100 percent vegan perfumes. 


1. The 7 Virtues

This brand doesn't just go natural, but they are also in a mission to "Make Perfume, Not War."

With that, they source their ingredients from countries that are trying to rebuild after wars. Their Vanilla Woods Eau de Parfum is sold at Sephora with a warm mix of vanilla, rose, caramel, amber and pear.

It is natural, organic, vegan, and free of free of sulfates, phthalates, and paraben.