Camila Mendes' Beauty Routine is the Opposite of Her 'Riverdale' Character

Camila Mendes
(Photo : Nicole Alexander [CC BY 3.0 (]) Camila Mendes

Camila Mendes may be playing a wealthy teen socialite in her "Riverdale" role as Veronica Lodge, but she admits that in real life, she's not as high maintenance.

The 25-year-old actress compares her daily makeup routine to Lili Reinhart's character Betty Cooper, which she describes as "very simple and natural."

As an actress, however, Mendes enjoys getting styled like a chameleon with all the hair and makeup changes. It's just that with a simple beauty routine, she feels most herself.

No-Nonsense Beauty

While her "Riverdale" character knows designer lingo by heart, Mendes innocently talks about her skincare stash. Amusingly, it includes "these furry pads like finger puppets," referring to finger-cot makeup remover pads. 

Acne-Free, Glowing Beauty

As for her choice of toner, her go-to is Jurlique Rosewater Spray to keep her skin radiant and hydrated. 

With a busy schedule -- thanks to her Netflix series and an upcoming comedy film "Palm Springs" -- the actress reveals that she has been using IS Clinical Active Serum for her acne breakouts. She also shares how the acne remedy also helps with healing a paper cut.

Moisturize, Moisturize!

Mendes shares how she keeps her eyebrows conditioned with a moisturizer that she uses on her face. The actress talks about a beauty product that ended her search for the right moisturizer for her face.

"I only use Beautycounter Adaptive Moisture Lotion," Mendes shared, noting how the product adapts to the moisture level of one's skin type instead of the skin adjusting to the product.

Skincare Guru

When it comes to in-flight skincare, she turns to her co-star Reinhart who she refers to as a "skin expert."

She opts for Renée Rouleau Detox Max and Rapid Berry Peel -- products which Reinhart recommended to her.

A Simplified Routine

Mendes admits she receives a lot of beauty products that she tries, but she says it can be overwhelming.

The actress shares how she prefers to stick to her basics for an uncomplicated beauty regimen. 

Eyebrows are life

When it comes to her brows, Mendes is like most girls, as she likes to maintain them. She mentions Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush that she keeps in her bag, so she can fluff and brush her eyebrows wherever she goes.

Mendes reveals she usually likes to just brush her brows on usual days, filling them in only when she's going for a bolder look.

Dry Ends, Be Gone!

"The Perfect Date" actress reveals her loyalty to a hair product that she's been using since fifth grade. 

Mendes favors classic hair products like the Frizz-Ease Serum by John Frieda -- her go-to since she was 11! She goes on to explain how it's her "tried-and-true" product, especially for dry ends and frizzy hair.

Camera-ready hair

The "Coyote Lake" actress tests new products once in a while.

Wavy Refresh Spray is one that caught her attention, raving about its efficiency as a setting spray. Mendes shares how she sleeps with her Veronica Lodge hairstyle because she never feels like doing her own hair.

Hair trends, thank you, next!

On random days, Mendes loves to keep her hair down. She recounts a hairstyle she had to do for an audition that she doesn't particularly fancy in real life -- a single French braid.

 "I'm too lazy," the actress dishes about styling her hair, but she admits it's something she does to get into character.

When asked about a hair trend she'd like to try, she blurts out "a long bob, the subtle kind." That she did, which softened her features.

But one thing's for sure, Mendes is not keen on cuts above her shoulders, as she feels going that short is too bare for her. As for hair colors, she's sticking to dark colors that work well for her features.

How do you feel about a simplified beauty routine?

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