Makeup While Giving Birth Trending,Thanks to Khloe Kardashian!

Khloe Kardashian
(Photo : Eric Longden [CC BY 3.0 (]) Khloe Kardashian wearing makeup

When Khloe Kardashian gave birth to True Thompson in 2018, she wore a nude pink lippie, full-on eyeshadow and mascara.

That's because everyone's "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and KoKo loves to glam up for the camera.

The Kardashian sisters were there to give their support amidst the cheating scandal of Tristan Thompson, whom she is reportedly reconciling with.

Now, more pregnant moms are getting dolled up pre-delivering their child. More are seeing the genius in what Khloe did when giving birth

While some understand it as a form of self-care -- which is most important to avoid postpartum depression -- others have been receiving some backlash.  

Ordinary Moms, Laboring in Style!

Christina Polazzo -- a mum who chose to have a professional style her hair between contractions -- explains that ultimately, "the baby's health is most important, but it doesn't mean you HAVE to look bad."

For another mom, Alaha Karimi, she styled herself to keep her mind off her labor pains.

 "Labor is a waiting game and what better way to wait than do something you love," the mum shared. She added that while other mums read books or watch TV while in labor, she simply did her makeup -- something she didn't believe she should be mom-shamed for.

Karimi explained how she asked permission from her doctor and nurses, who told her the only side effect was she'll look glam in all her photos pre, during, and post-delivery.

These moms received their share of rude comments from people calling them vain, but they also got questions from mums who wanted their makeup done too.

Now Rising: "Delivery Day" Beauty Routine

The beauty trend prompted the makeup shop Cosmetify to survey expecting mothers. They shared what they found with Harper's Bazaar:

  • 64 percent of expecting women ages 18-31 are planning a beauty treatment before D-day
  • 65 percent are planning a hair removal treatment
  • 50 percent are getting pedicures and manicures
  • 37 percent will get a spray tan
  • 32 percent want a cut, blow-dry, or professional styling before they deliver

Not to mention the pregnant women who are packing beauty products in their delivery day bag.

More and more women are also planning to put on makeup at least two-and-a-half hours after giving birth.

Makeup During Delivery? Hell Yeah!

The respondents of the Cosmetify survey were also asked about the reasons for concerns over their appearance during and following childbirth.

One major reason was the desire to look good in photos, which will be displayed in photo albums and framed by grandparents.

Other moms wanted to look presentable for friends and family who will come to visit. Some moms wanted to avoid criticisms like the dreaded, "you look tired, drained, or ill."

Meanwhile, over 2,000 British women were also surveyed, where It was revealed that there is immense pressure to look good post-birth.

It's not just seeing moms on social media shrink to their pre-baby weight quickly, but there's pressure from friends and parents, too.

Delivering a baby and giving new life is one of the most memorable moments a woman can experience, and sure enough, every woman is entitled to do it their way. Having a makeup and looking fabulous during baby delivery may be vain for some, but not to those who found happiness from it.

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