makeup vanityCredit : Photo by zhugewala from Pexels

Have you ever bought lipstick or foundation and found the same shade in your vanity drawer?

It happens to the best of us, ladies.

Even beauty vloggers sometimes haul duplicates and never notice it until the other one expires, buried deep within a mountain of cosmetics.

So how do the super-organized beauty influencers make their stash look presentable and easily accessible for their makeup tutorials? We've got the beauty hacks for your makeup stash right here!

1. Spin it Up!

Trying to reach for a bottle mascara when oops...bottles of cosmetics topple over!

It's time to buy a vanity organizer with a 360 rotation! To amp it up further, choose the one with adjustable layers for every skincare bottle you own.

Need a DIY hack? Borrow a few Lazy Susans or revolving spice racks from the kitchen!

2. Divide and Conquer!

Here comes the perfect organizing tip for those who don't like to keep cosmetics on the surface of their vanity tables: drawer organizer trays with dividers!

It's one thing we often see among the vanity drawers of beauty influencers. You can find them in different sizes, so feel free to mix and match.

For a drawer overhaul, we like to get dividers with individual slots for our lipsticks, concealer pots, and nail polish bottles. For your eyeshadow and bronzer palettes, find one that has slim and long slots.

Tip: Anticipate shopping for new cosmetics, so make sure to leave extra slots for those.

 3. Magnetize!

Not enough space for all your beauty essentials? Shop for MagnaPods!

These little magnets work on any metal surface, so you get extra storage for your cosmetics and brushes. It's the perfect beauty hack for storing small bobby pins, too!

Tip: Buy a thin metal sheet from your local handyman or craft store, superglue it on the inside of your cabinet, and voila! Extra storage space!

4. Baby Those Brushes!

Ever had an expensive brush ruined in your makeup bag?

A brush holder is the way to go! Find one with individual holes for makeup brushes in varying size, so all your brushes stay fluffy in an upright position.

5. Don't Throw Out Your Old Pencil Box!

Remember how we used to show off our cute Sanrio pencil box to our classmates?

Now that you won't be using pencils anymore, give them new life for storing eyebrow liner pencils, eyeshadow brushes, and thin tubes of mascara!

Just make sure your little sister doesn't find them!

6. Display Pretty Bottles in a Cupcake Stand!

Some bottles look too pretty to store out of sight. Fragrances and lipsticks in pretty cases earn their spot on your vanity table.

Go on and use that cake stand from your last party and put those signature fragrances and lip-shaped lippies on display.

7. Shoe Organizer those big hair tools!

Curling iron, crimping iron and blow dryer -- we can't get enough of them, but where do we put them?

Store your flat irons inside shoe organizers, which you can put behind your door. You can also have a magazine holder for storing blowers and other larger hair tools.

Don't forget to cool your hot tools before storing them though!

Final Thoughts

Schedule time over the weekend to take an inventory of all the cosmetics you own. Go through their expiration dates as well.

Keep track of your makeup stash on a spreadsheet that you can access on your phone so you know if you already have a duplicate at home or not.