Gwen StefaniCredit : By Lorie Shaull - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Living a superstar's life ain't that easy. Imagine having a freaky Friday with Gwen Stefani? Clicks here, flash there -- paparazzi are everywhere! So, Gwen Stefani utilizes every armor she owns in her luxurious closet every day. 

At 50, Stefani continues to defy time and showcase a wide variety of styles that reflects her unique and incredible sense of fashion. Simply put, she remains a trendsetter with her original styles every day. 

Now, as Gwen is set to receive the Fashion Icon Award at the 2019 People's Choice Awards, we take a look at the fashion lessons we can learn from her.

1. Take risks!

Starting from her first appearance in the spotlight, Gwen already showcased her peculiarity among other celebrities. She was an artist in all aspects -- one that expresses her emotions through her daily outfits. 

She's a risk-taker when it comes to her fashion choice, and she always changes her mood of style about her outfits every day. Gwen doesn't care about what other people will say or think about her outfit as long as she stays original.

Her wardrobe ideas can either be muscular, abstract or sometimes glamorous and sassy. She's playful with colors too, mixing up some dangerous colors without care about the results!

2. Use your strengths to your advantage

Gwen is well known for her surprisingly fit body. Her sexy abs prove that she is fit and hot, and not the skinny type of girl. Her body is so versatile that whatever she wears would look good on her. 

She always uses her assets to inspire the public. She often displays her abs to add more emphasis to her fashion. Using her favorite crop tops, she manages to bring her style without any regrets. 

Her ways inspire every woman to focus on what they have instead of wishing for something they don't. 

3. Style first, pregnancy second!

Pregnancy isn't a factor that will affect your style, and hiding that sexy baby bump every time to set up your form is not necessary at all.

Gwen showed us how beautiful pregnant women could be. She looked super hot in her maternity dresses and slew the spotlight even when a baby is on board. 

4. Dress to impress -- even with casual clothes

Gwen is a mom of three, but she still manages to give us a nymph-like posture. She's not always preparing for the red carpet or the dressed-up glam, but her casual style looks pretty good too.

Jeans and dress together is an old fashion way of getting sassy every day. Even with the street as her "red carpet," she is always prepared to face the mighty paparazzi

5. Copy and innovate

Being a star isn't easy. Stefani also seeks some ideas with other fashion celebrities. The uniqueness here is that she is giving her rendition -- Gwen Stefani style!

The floor-length satin of Marilyn Monroe is a good example. Gwen did it too, but she gave a twist to the style.