Miranda Kerr's Guide to Blooming Throughout Your Pregnancy

Miranda Kerr
(Photo : Ahmad Fauzi Abdullah [CC BY 2.0 (]) Miranda Kerr Skin care

Freckles, dark spots and under-eye circles: these are just some of the problems of pregnant ladies. Well, except for Miranda Kerr who doesn't seem to have them (or does a good job covering them all!) despite being nine months pregnant.

Fortunately for us, Kerr shared her pregnancy skincare routine with Vogue, and there are a lot of tips and tricks we can learn from her.

The 36-year old model's skincare routine consists of a lot of products from her cosmetics line, Kora Organics. Being pregnant in her third trimester makes it even more important for Kerr to choose a natural makeup line.

The expecting mum is already a mommy to Flynn Bloom, 8, and Hart Spiegel, 1. Last March, she announced that she was pregnant with her second child with Snapchat billionaire Evan Spiegel.

Kerr knows too well that pregnancy skin issues have a reputation for getting worse with every new pregnancy. With that in mind, Kerr shares the importance of having a consistent skincare routine.

Vitamin C, Vitamin C!

According to the supermodel, consistency really helped her minimize her skin issues during pregnancy. For starters, she is big on Vitamin C serum to help with pigmentation, especially around her nose and other areas of her face. She also raves about how her natural skincare line smells so good!

"Don't forget your neck and décolletage," says the glowing mum as she applies Kora Organics Vitamin C serum on her face.

Hydration is Key

Next, Miranda Kerr goes for her facial oil, mixing two pumps of that with her basic moisturizer for a boost in hydration.

She gently massages the said combination on her face using a rose quartz gua sha tool, gently stroking it upward. According to Kerr, this process "gets the lymphatic drainage going."

No Mascara, Please

"False lashes are really good for saving time," says the busy working mum who likes to keep her makeup routine low-maintenance. Kerr simply brushes her eyelash extensions with a brow brush for a clean look.

Mix and Blend

With her eyelashes covered, Kerr proceeds to show three concealers that she has to use all together -- including a mineral concealer. She dabs her unique mixture under her eyes and covers up pigmentation around her nose as well.

No Sleep? Blush It On!

Being heavily pregnant makes it quite a challenge for Kerr to get some beauty rest at night. With that said, she relies on her go-to blush in a "Petal" shade for that extra glow.

Kerr says that while she can go heavy on blush sometimes, she also loves the flushed look to appear "more awake."

Light Pink Everyday

To feel pretty during pregnancy, Kerr loves to put on a light pink lip balm that's encased in something that "feels like a retro-surfer sunscreen stick." She loves that it contains natural hyaluronic acid to moisturize her lips.

Highlighter Is Magic

To complete her glowing pregnancy makeup look, she touches up on highlighter, adding some on the inner corners of her eyes to make her eyes pop and some on her cheekbones.

Baby Bump Deserves a Little TLC, Too!

Miranda Kerr's skincare pregnancy routine includes her belly too! Kerr bares a flawless belly, one that she owes to a hydrating body oil she's been using since her first pregnancy.

She adds that with her last two pregnancies, she's been using a body balm with coconut oil and Cupauca butter.

Dry Shampoo, Why Not?

Kerr told Vogue that her hair can get oily during pregnancy, so she likes to spritz on some dry shampoo.

Never Forget to Smell Good!

Kerr ends her beauty routine with a spritz of rose facial mist, which she loves spraying on after applying makeup rather than a toner. She also loves aromatherapy oils and uses a custom blend of essential oils -- including neroli and geranium -- to calm her mind and body.

Watch Miranda Kerr as she goes through her skincare and makeup routine with Vogue:

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