Angelina Jolie And Brad PittCredit : By Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Angelina Jolie has received several Hollywood awards -- three Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award; however, that doesn't necessarily translate to a happy personal life.

In an unexpected confession from the multi-awarded actress, Angelina Jolie shed some light on her life that led to her divorce with Brad Pitt.

'I lost myself'

Jolie made the stunning revelation in an interview with French magazine Madame Figaro, noting that she felt "lost" at the end of her relationship with Brad Pitt.

"I think it was at the end of my relationship with Brad and then when we separated. It was complicated, I didn't recognize myself anymore, and I'd become, how do I say this, smaller, insignificant, even if I didn't show it. I was profoundly, deeply sad, I was hurt," Jolie shared in her Madame Figaro Interview, as translated by Lainey Gossip.

Despite the saddening and tear-jerking turn of events, however, Jolie found a silver lining in what happened to her. She noted that there's something interesting about tapping into the "humility" and "sense of insignificance that she felt."

The Maleficent actress also said that everything that happened to her -- from the divorce to the health issues she encountered -- reminded her of how lucky she is to be alive. Jolie pointed out that it's a lesson she wants to pass onto her children: "the idea of renewal, and through it all, the possibility of joy."

"I had to rediscover the joy," an emotional Angelina Jolie said.

No more marriage

According to US Weekly, Angelina no longer has any plan to "get married again." Interestingly, according to the source of the entertainment site, the 44-year-old actress never really wanted to walk down the aisle with Brad Pitt and that the actor just "pressured her."

After being together for almost a decade, the Brangelina couple decided to tie the knot in 2014. The couple has six children -- Maddox (18), Pax (15), Zahara (14), Shiloh (13), and twins Knox and Vivienne (11).

After two years of marriage, however, the couple separated in 2016 due to "irreconcilable differences." By April of 2019, they were declared to be "legally single."

While Brad was in the development of his new movie, Ad Astra, he spoke out about the split and said the breakup was an "eye-opener." The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor added that he had to understand his guilt and what he can do better.

Brad Pitt's relationship with his children appears to be recovering. However, that's not the case for everyone. His relationship with his eldest son, Maddox, is reportedly still not that good. In a report last August, the teenager allegedly said that he "doesn't really see himself as Brad's son."

The Brangelina split is undoubtedly the most heartbreaking story of the century. After all, who wants to see a power couple for more than a decade part ways?

Not to mention that they have children who could really use both parents growing up.

However, it's time to move on. And while it has been difficult for Angelina, it's definitely great to see her get back up and courageously share her emotional battle.