Top Remedies to Deal with Body Acne For Good

Causes and Remedies for Body Acne
(Photo : Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash) Here are the Causes and Remedies for Body Acne.

Blackheads and pimples are the most feared comedones by teenagers and adults nowadays. These dirt bumps don't only appear on faces but on the whole body as well -- from the back, to the arms, necks, shoulders and chest!

Many teens nowadays, especially boys, have oil glands that are active in almost all of the time. For most, having this problem can seriously affect their self-confidence.

Now, it's time to erase all the worries. While body acne is a big problem, it isn't one without a solution. Find out here what causes this dreaded body problem and what you can do to remove it.

The Causes Of Back And Body Acne

Body acne usually occurs due to hyperactive oil glands, germinating bacteria in various places on the body.

An excessive amount of dead skin cells is also being ignored and left unclean in the body. They are trapped in the pores or follicles and forms a barrier of dirt in it. The formed dirt usually becomes blackheads and can become a pimple if a bacteria takes place in the blockage. 

Rubbing the skin can irritate the already infected places on your body. For example, after digging some dirt for your plants, you scratched something itchy on your face ... and voila, you already have acne! Avoid some roots of friction when trying to remove body acnes and prevent yourself from using tight clothing, other gears, or accessores in the body and backpacks. 

Excessive sweat on the body can also trigger body acne. To prevent irritation, take a shower after a tiring activity or exercise. Do not use body scrubs on the skin that is already infected with the dirt. Always put in your mind that you are avoiding all possible sources of friction to prevent skin from irritation.

A gentle massage and cleaning on the body are essential for an acne-free life. Washing with salicylic acid can be helpful too to heal your body from acne. 

What Are The Remedies For Body Acne?

A daily skincare routine is the fastest way to rid yourself of acne problems. Using a bar of soap with salicylic acid, the healing on your skin can be quick. It can also protect your skin!

Skin pads are also useful in healing your skin. Pads containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acids are seen in some convenient stores and are treated as personal hygiene tools.

Lotions are a big help, too, as moisturizing and revitalizing your skin are an effective way of healing too. Alpha Hydroxy acid is an acid that helps rebuild the skin cells that are ruptured by these comedones. It also lessens the pores that are blocked by these problems.

If the irritation doesn't wear off, try to seek a dermatologist to help and guide you in resolving your bacne and overall acne issue. 

Facial acne is also a common problem nowadays. There are plenty of commercial products, but the biggest hurdle is finding the right one for your skin.

Patience is a must. It also might help checking out online reviews and testament to help in making your decision.

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