Skincare routineCredit : Photo from Unsplash by Coline Haslé

Kristen Bell is nearing 40, but her skin is barely showing it!

The "Frozen 2" star shared a post-workout video with her hubby Dax Shepherd on Instagram, and fans can't help but swoon over their #couplegoals video. But, what's more noticeable than the mum of two's sculpted biceps? Her dewy, glowing skin!

Her Instagram video has over 2 million views to date and continues to inspire her fan base. However, the actress admits her always-fresh look did not happen overnight. Aside from working out, she eats healthily and continues to emphasize on having vegan diet -- although she's no longer a strict vegan.

Moms can certainly learn a lot from "The Bad Moms" star's nighttime routine. It's simple but effective - her face is the perfect evidence!

She told ELLE how her skincare routine is her act of self-love and self-care when her kids finally go to bed. And all day long, Kristen slathers on lots of sunscreens, noting that it is the "most practical part" of her beauty routine.

Curious, we dug up her beauty routine and found out what products she uses on her skin through her makeup artist Simone Siegl:

Step 1: Exfoliate

It's surprising to find out that Kristen is on the drier side when it comes to her skin type. With that said, she makes sure to exfoliate with a product that is gentle on her skin like the Clarisonic cleansing brush.

Step 2: Hydrate

The actress, businesswoman, wife and mom is also a fan of face masks. The once-vegan singer opts for a more natural option like Tata Harper's Hydrating floral mask.

Step 3: Apply Serum

Siegl notes that this step is essential for achieving an instant glow to the face. On Kristen's skin type, Siegl recommends Dr. Barbara Strum Hyaluronic Serum.

Step 4: Don't Be Afraid to Use Oil

Now here is the key to Kristen Bell's dewy skin: she pats oil on over the serum. The more organic-conscious parent goes for a product like True Botanicals' Pure Radians Oil for this crucial step.

Step 5: Put on your day/night cream

Kristen's obsession with her skincare routine: Crème de la Mer. Her makeup artist notes how the thickness and heavier texture of this makeup cream can double as a primer.

Step 6: Lather on the SPF

Entering her 40s soon, Bell admits that while she loves the sun, it's not her friend, so SPF is a must. Her go-to for sun protection includes Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops before she heads out. She then sprays on the Supergoop! Sunscreen mist when she's out and about.

Skincare routine for Kristen Bell's kids

Meanwhile, her post-workout video on Instagram also featured the launching of her line of eco-friendly baby care products in Canada. Hello Bello currently has a line of limited fall prints on their diapers, which are free of chlorine, fragrance and phthalate while also boasting a plant-derived absorbent core liner.

Kristen Bell's kids are slathered with sunscreen too, and it comes from their parents' line of vegan and cruelty-free products. Other organic baby products on Hello Bello include natural bug sprays, plant-based shampoo/body washes, hand sanitizers, wipes, detanglers and organic laundry detergents.

Here's a video of Kristen Bell & Shepard on why to buy Hello Bello plant-based baby products at affordable prices: