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5 Careers in Fashion That Could Be Right for You


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In 2016, the store-based retail market reached just over $328 billion in the United States. 

The fashion industry includes everything from handbags to cloth diapers for babies, so it is no surprise how much the market is worth.

Because the fashion world is so large, it is important that you understand career options in the field. 

Scroll down to learn about 5 careers in fashion and tips on how to be successful! 

1. Fashion Designer

One of the most well-known careers in fashion is being a designer. 

Fashion designers are paid much higher than many other fashion careers. This career requires attention to detail and a creative mind. 

This career is not limited and can become what you want. This career is excellent for those looking to design handbags, clothes for all ages, and even footwear.  

2. Fashion Illustrator

If you enjoy the artistic side of the fashion industry and want to help create sketches, becoming an illustrator is highly recommended. 

Fashion illustrators design sketches and illustrations of products that can range from handbags to full outfits. This career also includes using marketing tactics. Illustrators often create promotion images both in-store and online. 

3. Fashion Writer

Those who enjoy writing and fashion should consider pursuing a fashion writer career. 

Fashion writers often work alongside public relations coordinators to create articles that focus on the industry. Many fashion writers work for newspapers, websites and blogs, magazines, and television. 

4. Visual Merchandiser

If you enjoy the marketing aspects of the fashion industry, visual merchandising may be the career for you.

Visual merchandisers work hard to design and create clothes, accessories, and displays at the physical stores. The use their creativity and marketing knowledge to help guide consumers in the right direction. 

5. Fashion Law

Those of you that want to go to law school and never lose sight of the fashion industry should consider going into fashion law.

Many people don't know much about this field but the demand is necessary. If you want to pursue fashion law, you need to be well versed with trademarks in the industry, brands, distribution processes, and copyright. 

Tips for Careers in Fashion

One of the most important things that you should do before you start pursuing a fashion business is to think it through thoroughly. 

Opening a store or business sounds fun and exciting, and it is. However, every business has another side and you need to be fully aware of all of the details involved. Careers in fashion are quite competitive, you must be a self-starter and ambitious. 

Being personal and unique is a great way to get noticed. Those that have a strong portfolio and experience will do well. 

Walk the Runway to Your New Career

There are many careers in fashion that you can go after if you want to become a part of the industry.

Most people are aware of fashion designing jobs but there are many other paths you can take. Fashion law, illustrating, and writing are all excellent careers to begin. Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and discover what truly interests you. 

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