Fashion Tips for a Chilly Lake Tahoe Vacation


If you're looking to head out on the water, there are few options that are better than Lake Tahoe. This vacation destination offers a wide array of activities, things to do, and attractions that are perfect for the entire family.

The trouble is, it can get a little chilly!

Although Lake Tahoe is located in California, it is also located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It makes for stunning views, but it also means temperatures can dip to chilly temperatures, even in the summer.

Packing for a traditional beach vacation will leave you feeling cold! Make sure you're prepared with these tips that will ensure you're fashionable and warm. 

Wear Warm Layers That Can Be Removed Easily

Because it can get chilly, you will want to make sure you bring along sweaters you can wear over lighter layers.

Almost any kind of sweater will do. Large, baggy sweaters can look especially fashionable while providing you with the ability to tuck in your legs and snuggle in if you're riding on the boat. Zipper or button sweatshirts are good options too because they can easily be taken on and off without messing up your hair and makeup.

Wear a Tank Top

It's a good idea to dress for the chilly weather by wearing sweaters and bringing along pants, but that doesn't mean the weather won't warm up!

Wearing layers on the lake means wearing much lighter layers underneath. When the sun peeks out during the warmest part of the day, having a tank top or light T-shirt will ensure you stay cool.

Thinking carefully about your layers can also help you prevent obnoxious tan lines from developing in the first place, instead of trying to fix them later. If you really want to avoid the tan lines, wear a swimsuit top underneath your sweater. That way, all you have to do is ditch the sweater when the sun comes out.

A Decorative Shawl Can Double as a Blanket

Wearing a sweater can be a big commitment. Not to mention, it may be good at keeping your upper body warm, but what about your legs? Your sweater isn't going to do anything for your hands or feet either!

Wraps and shawls are a great option for traveling, especially if you're spending a few days on the lake. That's because they can do more than keep your core warm. They can be tossed over your lap on the boat or thrown over your shoulders in the evening when you're enjoying a campfire.

Scarves can be a good option too! Look for a wide scarf, or an infinity scarf with a lot of extra fabric. They can easily be bunched up around your neck when the temperatures warm up, and extended to cover your arms when it cools off.

Bring Tights or Leggings If You Wear Skirts and Dresses

Skirts and dresses are a great thing to put in your bag when you're visiting the lake, especially if you plan on spending some time in town. They remain a good idea if the temperatures drop.

Think long dresses and skirts instead of shorter ones. They will keep you warm when the temperature is cold, but they will remain cool if the temperature warms up.

If you decide to bring shorter dresses and skirts, make sure you bring along leggings or tights too. That way, you can throw on an extra layer underneath your dress without compromising your style.

Rethink Your Swimsuit Cover-up

Gauzy, flowy cover-ups are extremely popular, and it's easy to see why. They look great, and they can keep you cool, but what if you're looking for ways to stay warm?

Rethink your swimsuit cover-up and choose something a little different instead. A few ideas include:

  • A long-sleeved T-shirt is a great way to say warm with a towel wrapped around your waist.

  • Many summer dresses look fashionable when worn over a swimsuit.

  • Denim skirts, shorts, and pants are a no-fuss way to make a swimsuit street-ready.

You can rethink your swimsuit too! You can find suits with long sleeves that will keep you warm, and you won't have to worry about a coverup at all!

Preparing for the weather is important, no matter what kind of vacation you're taking, but it can be especially challenging in areas with variable temperatures. Follow these tips and you can make sure you're prepared, no matter what kind of weather you experience on Lake Tahoe, and you'll look great at the same time!

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