YSL fashion house brand  is now officially "Saint Laurent Paris" in a recent post on the fashion company's Facebook page.   

The YSL posted the offical new "Saint Laurent Paris" logo on Facebook today, It's official YSL is now "Saint Laurent Paris."

The new logo shows a black box with simple classic 1960 style lettering of "Saint Laurent" evoking the original designer name "Saint Laurent Rive Gauche."

Earlier this year the new creative director and fashion designer  Hedi Slimane confirmed rumors that the company is dropping "Yves" from its brand. The goal for the name change is to start new with fresh modern feel for the brand.

Facebook response have not been so positive:

"I don't like this!! Yves is the soul, totally black like a raven!!"

I think this is a slap in the face of one of the greatest designers that will ever walk this earth. Yes, this was originally what he names his company but the fact that they're changing it back and removing his first name post  his death just seems straight up disrespectful."

"This looks like it belongs on a funeral card. Dislike!

"This is so boring and genuinely disappointing."

"Go back to the old logo, the new one lacks IMAGINATION."

The "Saint Laurent Paris" have not responded to the Facebook criticism when last checked.