Why I Can Relate To Kylie Jenner’s Comments About Makeup

Why is it that those who lack confidence in the way they look are the first to tear down others?

Kylie Jenner's recent comments about makeup in an interview with Vogue have been grabbing headlines everywhere. Despite the widespread criticism of the Kardashian-Jenner family, they've been able to keep the spotlight shining on them because they understand how to relate to their fans and talk about what matters.

Men and women care about their appearances because we judge others by how they look. Male and female nurses are among millions of professional with highly public jobs. And looking great under stress is not easy. Maybe that's why shows like the Kardashians have become so popular.

Makeup is a rite of passage

There can be no denying that makeup is widely seen as a rite of passage around the world; for myself and countless other young people, putting makeup on for the first time is a sign that you're entering into adulthood. While more than a few little girls have made tremendous messes applying makeup to themselves for the first time, the process is fun and full of learning, so even mistakes and accidents can be enjoyable in certain circumstances. I'm sick and tired of seeing people attack Kylie Jenner and her devotion to beauty, largely because her recent comments are entirely defensible and reflective of how many other people feel.

It's also important to acknowledge that makeup and makeovers are an important cultural tradition and one that frequently links little girls to the older women who serve as role models in their lives. As the New York Times explained in its exploration of makeup and womanhood, many mothers who encounter their young daughters trying makeup on for the first time decide to celebrate the occasion by taking them out for a full makeover. This important part of growing up is essential to the identities of countless women around the world, and it would be absurd to claim that Kylie Jenner's comments aren't taken to heart by literally millions.

The fashion industry is huge for a reason

Every year, Americans spend a truly astonishing sum of money on fashion. American women spend nearly a quarter of a million dollars on vanity products throughout their life, Meanwhile, American may spend even more than women. A recent study suggests men spend $10 more each month than their female counterparts.

That's probably why we see more niche products that cater to both specific gender and profession. There are websites for every whim and need. You can find male scrubs that enhance the male physique and women's nursing uniforms with custom cuts and necklines. Nurses can even choose non-traditional colors if their medical facility has a more open dress code.

Rather than belittling those, like the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who embrace the options provided by modern fashion, some people may do well to pay a little more attention to the image they project and how it impacts the way other people see them.

Dealing with beauty standards isn't easy, and it can even leave fashion-conscious men the subject of ridicule. Luckily, some people prefer to set their own trend and ignore the critics. This is easier with the help of experts like Kylie who explain the makeup and fashion industries in detail. More so than anything else, I agree and relate to Kylie Jenner's comments on makeup because I see that she views makeup as a means of expressing yourself and having a little bit of fun, which everyone should make time for in their daily lives.

Male and female nurses have a unique opportunity to embrace fashion while remaining professional. They are already role models for many young people and can help them explore makeup, fashion and accessory looks that others might not understand but should respect.

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