Spring Is Here: 5 Tips To Transition Your Skin From Winter


Spring is finally here, with the sunny days of March and darling buds of May finally having arrived to welcome us into the new year. Despite the fact that winter is fading behind us, though, many are still relying on tired skincare routines from the wintertime that will only cause you to shrivel and suffer in the sunshine of spring.

Ditch your tired wintertime routine and embrace a new, better way to treat your skin throughout springtime. Here are 5 tips to transition your skin from winter to spring.

1. Be strict with spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is an imperative part of keeping your house tidy and neat as springtime arrives, but it's also helpful when it comes to maintaining the longevity and beauty of your skin, particularly where your face is concerned. Those who put off spring cleaning for too long may find that they suffer beauty consequences as a result, as tidying up around the house in a number of ways can bolster your overall hygiene.

It's a well-established fact that pillowcases can house dirt and oil, for instance, as can the rest of your bedding. Dr. David E. Bank has even posited that unwashed pillowcases can be a serious source of acne mechanica, so it's seriously worthwhile to wash your pillowcases and the rest of your bedding as soon as possible. Don't let your face suffer any longer - welcome in the spring with some good spring cleaning!

2. Get ready for higher humidity

In most places around the world, springtime means warmer weather, which naturally leads to higher humidity in the air. This can spell disaster for your skin care, so you need to update your arsenal of beauty products to more properly fit the springtime air. Switching to a lighter moisturizer, for instance, is oftentimes recommended when transition from a low-humidity to high-humidity environment. It's crucial to understand that those with particularly dry sin who have a dependence upon moisturizer may find themselves needing heavier options regardless of the time of year or weather, however.

3. Don't think SPF is enough by itself

Some make the terrible mistake of thinking that they can prepare for springtime weather by adding SPF to their beauty arsenal. A hint of sunscreen here, a touch of SPF in their moisturizer there, and some are ready to walk out into the springtime weather with the confidence of a young Greek goddess. As a matter of fact, however, adding SPF to your springtime beauty arsenal isn't really anything worthwhile in and of itself. After all, you need to wear SPF regardless of the weather, and while you may need more of it in the springtime adding a little bit of sunscreen to your daily routine by itself is worthless.

You should also focus on fostering some changes that are harder to adapt to. Adjusting your springtime diet so that you're consuming substantially more water than you were in the wintertime is imperative, for instance, as you'll be perspiring much more than you were just a few months ago. Elsewhere, you'll likely need to invest in certain products to help mend your skin after a long winter of decay. Such products as...

4. You'll need to double down on your exfoliant

Glowing skin simply isn't attainable without the help of an amazing exfoliator. That's why you should be spending more money on good exfoliation at the start of springtime than at almost any other point in the year - after all, many months of winter have likely left your skin, especially on your face, in a sorry state in sore need of repair. Exfoliants will help you get rid of seasons-long skin buildup, dead skin cells, and other facial nightmares that would have otherwise ruined your springtime glow.

5. Light foundation is the way to go

Finally, no spring makeover would be complete without changing your foundation from a heavier coverage to a lighter coverage. Springtime is a lighter, brighter time of year where easy breezes and warm weather make heavier coverage foundations an unsuitable option for any budding beauty queen. Certain foundations come as a near-sheer fluid that barely feels like anything is on your face at all, so consider investing in a lighter option that won't wear on you as heavily during your springtime outings.

You're ready for spring, and before you know it summer will be just around the corner! Remember that any skin care routine can be bolstered with a healthy diet and robust exercise, and that skin care is about more than just buying the right products. Keep these tips in mind as you leave wintertime behind and head outside to enjoy some springtime sunshine, and you'll be looking better than ever before in no time at all.  

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