Kylie Jenner is making this season extra hot with the Kylie Cosmetics summer collection she just announced and fans will surely go bananas for it.

Summer just keeps getting better as cosmetics brand release their products that are inspired by the season. Makeup mogul Jenner released her line's very own summer collection that's perfect for the warmer days.

Of course, as a social media superstar that she is, she took to her accounts to share to her fans the latest addition to her Kylie Cosmetics. The collection consists of matte lipsticks, glitter gloss, liquid lipsticks, and an eyeshadow palette, and these all come in red and yellow themed packaging, with some designed with adorable bananas.

Jenner showed an eyeshadow palette that's an all-too familiar product for eagle-eyed fans of the reality star. It is what she used during her makeup tutorial, though she didn't namedrop, with Vogue, where she also showed her mastery in using a lip liner, which she confidently did with her eyes closed.

"It's such a bright gold and it has kind of a copper hint to it. It's definitely I think my favorite gold I've ever created," she just said at the time without dropping any hint.

Kylie Cosmetics' summer eyeshadow palette has 14 pans of all things bold and colorful, which can help anyone stand out this warm season. Colors include copper, red, gold, and many others that come in matte and glittery finishes.

Next up, she showed new bullet lipsticks that come in popping shades named Tangerine, Boss, Vacay, Nova, and Miami. Interestingly, these come in black and silver packaging while the box is what speaks the summer vibe, which is colored bright red and yellow that goes along with the other products of the summer collection.

Then, there are also the glitter glosses that come in three shades, Chill Peel, a pinkish shade; Go Bananas, gold; and the Don't Slip, a fluorescent pink that's going to make anyone a scene-stealer. Additionally, Jenner teased two liquid lipsticks, On Wednesdays and another version of Candy K.

Birthday Collection

All of these products will be coming everybody's way on July 13, a day late from the initially announced launch. Jenner obviously has her hands full, and even with the latest release, it seemed there is no stopping for this entrepreneur and mom.

Her birthday is nearing, and as per her recent Snapchat clip, she's been busy concocting new products as part of her birthday collection. Of course fans need to save up until her Aug. 10 birthday, as she'll be turning 21, so nothing short of grand is expected.