Zac Efron recently became the talk of the town after debuting his dreadlocks on Instagram. Furthermore, it launched a huge debate on social media.

With whatever the 30-year-old shares on social media, eagle-eyed fans would have a say in it. The hunk uploaded a photo on his Instagram account, and people went wild basically because he donned a look that people may not have thought of in their wildest imagination.

"Just for fun," Efron captioned his dramatic black-and-white photo, which has close to 1.2 million likes as of writing.

The caption is short yet telling of what he thought about when he had his hair styled into dreadlocks. Prior to that photo, Efron spent some time cradling some kid, or a baby goat, with some already wishing of taking the place of the adorable animal. After which, he celebrated the Fourth of July by igniting some fireworks by the beach.

Mixed Reactions

Of the dreadlocks, many fans went crazy of the new look of the High School Musical actor, saying he looked good in whatever hairstyle he is donning, while others just got confused of what's happening. There are also those who downright said they weren't exactly a fan of Efron's newest look.

"It's a no from me," said user @Matzbros.

Others, meanwhile, accused Efron of cultural appropriation, something that is casually thrown against celebrities. But his supporters were quick to defend their idol against the naysayers.

"Oof wearing dreads is a bad idea for someone like you, I hope your publicist is ready," one user commented.

Some users lessoned others by saying that everyone got overly sensitive nowadays because of social media. User @dkmilloy explained that a lot of cultures have incorporated dreadlocks, and added, "I'm quite sure they did not appropriate their hair style from Africans."

For A Film?

Of course with celebrities donning different hairstyles nowadays, fans can't help but wonder if the new look is for a film, which others aired in the comment section. It is also unclear if Efron's newest film, The Beach Bum, has something to do with the dreadlocks.

Earlier this year, people saw how he had an unmissable facial hair for the film, which Efron shared on his social media accounts. So if he was willing to massacre his facial hair for such a role, the latest news is nothing unusual, if it is indeed for a portrayal.

However, if it really is just for fun, like what he said in the caption, it may just be that he wanted to try it out. If that's the case, fans should just enjoy Efron's dreadlocks while he chose to still keep them as he could opt to remove them any moment.

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