According to press statement, Banana Republic has designed over 2,0000 new Virgin America's uniforms, which is set to debut nation wide August 8, 2012.

The new Virgin America's uniforms will have more fashion with fresh new colors and style. Men's flight team will wear leather jackets, lined mac coats, woven shirts and pants, with 9 different styles. Women in 13 different styles, will have classic pencil skirts, slim dress, leather jacket, trench coat with accessories of silk scarves, slim belts and serving aprons. 

Simon Knee Banana Republic's Creative Director in press statement said "Creating the uniform designs for Virgin America, we wanted to respect the heritage of in-flight uniform design while injecting a modern twist that's both functional and fashionable," adding "A critical part of the initial design process was when our Banana Republic design team spoke with Virgin America flight crew members to get an inside look at what they truly wanted for the uniforms they would be wearing every day."

The new Virgin America uniform is fresh with new contemporary styles with '50's, ''60s aesthetics in sophistication and design. Banana Republic has done the same designing for the hit series "Mad Men."

Passengers may also be able to purchase the new styles in a limited release August 7th including Men's and Women's trench coat, leather tote, and aviator sunglasses.