Lucy Hale recently graced the Haute Living party in Beverly Hills and her magenta eyeshadow captured the attention of other attendees.

Hale's Thursday night look takes to another level the matchy-matchy style as she went and matched her magenta eyeshadow with her pink Cushnie et Ochs dress. She was in attendance of the Haute Living dinner, a celebration for her as the cover girl.

As expected, one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry stunned everyone with her charm as she dons in a blush pink tube dress and went minimalist with a few sparklers for the event. The Pretty Little Liars actress further left everyone in awe of her look, that was partnered with her outfit, which is thanks to makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan.

Hale's magenta sparkly eyeshadow may look like she came out of a Disney film, but Deenihan made everything sound easy as she laid out the process of achieving the magical look in Instagram post. However, as much as it looked like a no-brainer, the outcome actually takes an amount of time of skillful blending as the artist made use of many products.

Deenihan grabbed palettes from Avon, Too Faced, and Urban Decay to get the right popping shade, and of course, she did not disappoint anyone. To highlight the look even more, Hale's hair was styled in loose waves and the other half was made sure not to cover an ear cuff.

The idea of matching clothes to makeups is not unique to Hale, though. There have been many celebrities who have done the same thing and rocked the overall look. Makeup maven Kylie Jenner did this in 2016, when she matched her eyeshadow, lipstick, and outfit altogether.

On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Meanwhile, in her magazine feature, she revealed how Pretty Little Liars, where she played lead star Aria Montgomery, become a huge part of her life. Even so, Hale admitted that after seven seasons, it was the right time to let go.

"I will always have a special place in my heart for that show because it changed my life," she said.

While she was sad that it was time to bid goodbye to the family that the show formed throughout the years, Hale expressed her excitement for what's in store for her that would "stimulate me again." After Pretty Little Liars ended, she took on the lead role of Stella in Life Sentence which was recently left in the dark after being unrenewed for a second season.