Do's and don'ts on fitness often lurk the internet, but there are some advices that proved they're just myths. Here are some of the common misconceptions:

Carbs Are Bad

Carbohydrates are oftentimes discriminated, as these have the reputation to make anyone fat. This is not true. Remember that the key in anything one eats is proportion. It all boils down to one's calorie intake per day.

This type of food has a big role in providing energy. Imagine working out, and one's body doesn't have anything to get to use as energy. However, that is said with a but. While it is vital to feel energized, it is important to know which kinds of carbohydrates one needs to eat.

Cakes fall under this category, and so does potatoes. The bigger picture here is that the dessert has a lot of sugar and is processed, and the latter is a starchy vegetable that has a lot of potassium.

Exercise Is The Key To Being Fit

Some people think that exercising or working out is the only way to maintain a healthy and fit body. While there is no doubt that it greatly helps in achieving one's fitness goal, it's not entirely the only thing needed to be done.

As important as the exercise is the diet. Both are essential in maintaining or reaching a fit body, which work wonders for the mind as well. There is no one more vital than the other, as exercise alone without diet is like burning a portion of what one's eating, and everyone knows how hard it is to stay longer in workouts. That said, it doesn't also mean that if one is active, he can eat anything.

People Need To Say Goodbye To Yummy Food

Probably one of the greatest fears when adhering to a lifestyle change to get a healthy body is that the diet would suffer. While the kinds of food to eat will have to change, it doesn't have to be a horrible and unfulfilling experience.

Food is life and should always be enjoyed. The myth that food should just be about bland ones to get a fit body is a big misconception. There will always be ways to experiment on the food to know which kind works for you. For those with a sweet tooth, sweets don't have to be ultimately given up, as long as these are eaten in moderation.

Sports/Energy Drink Is The Best Way To Rehydrate

Most athletes doing commercials for sports drinks would subtly tell anyone these could be better than water in rehydrating, but these actually aren't. Marketing stints often say these beverages are one's best friend in working out, but as much as these taste better than water, repercussions still abound.

Sports or energy drinks pack a lot of empty calories and actually have sugar, which provides a boost of energy. Water has no calories to begin with. If flavor is what one's going for, a fresh coconut juice will give a kick of energy and will rehydrate better than sports drinks.