Ariana Grande may be known for her hits, but she is also known for her signature high ponytail. That's why when she finally let her hair down, she was unrecognizable.

The award-winning singer is the cover girl for British Vogue's July issue, but hold up: she's barely herself in the front page. In modest explanation, Grande graced the cover with her hair down, making people ask if it's really her.

Grande, as far as anyone can remember, has always had her hair up in a high ponytail, as seen in performances, concerts, and public outings. Special events such as the recently held Met Gala is no excuse to ditch the high ponytail, when she instead added a huge bow to accentuate further her 'do.

Grande's high ponytail would sometimes be accessorized, and her fans are witnesses to that. Of course, diehard supporters of the "No Tears Left To Cry" singer saw how she managed to pull off and then popularized the cat ears.

However, it wasn't at all the first time Grande opted to let her hair down. In the music videos of "Dangerous Woman" and "Into You," she is seen letting her locks steal the show. She was also seen opting to have a straight hair down at times.

Add to that, she's been experimenting with colors. In her "Focus" music video, she sported a platinum white hair. When she was still a part of Nickelodeon's Victorious, Grande had bright red hair. In the cover, she had loose and wavy blonde locks, something different from her usual brunette color.

Natural Look

That said, why are people finding her unrecognizable in her recent magazine cover? The fanfare might probably have something to do with her makeup as well. Grande did not only give up her high ponytail for the cover, but she also ditched her winged, usually dramatic, eyeliner.

Her magazine cover seemed to show her in the barest as possible, and it's not the Grande people are accustomed to, especially since she has been mostly seen with makeup that emphasizes her eyes. Her barely there makeup seemingly showed a different singer.

To complete the au naturel look, her cheeks showed some freckles, though it isn't sure if these are real or not. Of course, people were really shocked and wondered if it was indeed Grande. Now that some people have praised her for the new look, will she continue wearing her hair down or is it just a one-time look for the shoot?