The latest trend in beauty today is all about athleisure. However, this is not just a trend, it is now becoming a revolution. Athleisure beauty is all about working with the skin while working out or going to the gym. This is in connection with the known fact that wearing makeup during a workout could damage the skin.

According to Howard Murad, a certified dermatologist and a founder of Murad Skincare, during exercise the sweat glands go into overdrive to cool the skin down and detoxicating the skin, thus wearing makeup during a workout will prevent the detoxification process. However, women still wear makeup for several reasons. Experts are giving a lot of advice to the women on what type of makeup to be used. Just like in using mascara, it pays to use a waterproof mascara, sweat mattifying face powder or sweat resistance foundations and a simple lip balm with moisturizer to add a little color to the lips.  In connection with this, different beauty manufacturers are producing products that are claiming to be less damaging to skin and advisable to use even during workouts because of its mineral based ingredients.

The US brand's Sweat collection or Mac's new work it out collection can help a lot. These products are claiming to be mineral based and less damaging to skin that is why its good to use even during the workout. Along with these brands, Tarte's athleisure lines was recently launched that will meet the needs of women when it comes to this matter. This different kind of innovative makeups is produced to meet the athleisure beauty needs of every woman.

Studies indicate athleisure beauty is the future of makeup. It shows a  growing popularity of makeup for fitness. This makeup revolution is all about connecting the appropriate products with one's fitness routine.