High street retailer, H&M, will release their newest Conscious Exclusive Collection next month. One of the notable pieces in the upcoming collection was reported to be a gown made entirely of recycled shoreline plastic wastes.

This Swedish brand's collection, according to Mirror, is made from environmentally friendly materials including BIONIC® which is polyester made from recycled plastics.

The report added that H&M has dedicated 26 percent of their entire products to be made out of sustainable materials with a yearly goal of increasing it. One of the most talked about pieces in this collection was reported to be the celestial flowing pleated gown made entirely of the recycled polyester.

H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection is being campaigned mainly by model Natalia Vodianova who is also a founder of a certain "philanthropy digital platform." Vodianova, per the report, said during the collection shoot that the brand's collection just "shows how the best style can be mindful of the planet."

The brand's collection was said to also include accessories such as fishnet bags and pretty earrings made from recycled materials as well. This latest collection from H&M also features pieces for men and was also reported to include kids clothing styles for the first time.

Refinery 29 revealed that the collection which debuted on Wednesday will also introduce a fragrance collection through "unisex organic oils." Prices for the Conscious Exclusive Collection was reported to range from $34.99 for the earrings, $49.99 for the bags and about $249 for the elegant dresses. The prices are said to be higher than the usual price cut of the brand since it is a premium collection of pieces designed mainly for special occasions.

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection will come soon to the 160 store outlets worldwide and online on April 20. Further, other than using recycled plastic, the brand reportedly targets for their products, including 100% of their cotton to be environmentally friendly come 2020.

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