The Secret Of A Good Blusher

Perfecting any make up look is not possible without a good blusher to complete the whole ensemble.It is most of the time, everybody's "go-to" makeup when in a hurry because with a little color on the cheeks and a lipstick to match, it is already a complete look to go.

It is that simple to apply but create big results that it may come as a surprise as to how a properly applied blush can make a person look different. Say in the case of some celebrities that have transformed their look by just putting on that little color on their cheeks and already made a huge difference.

A blusher is one makeup staple that is definitely here to stay. This year, it is coming in a huge way as the bold blush-look is making waves as part of the new trend in makeup.

Most people however use it to avoid looking pale and white. And with different brands and shades available in the market, one can easily achieve even that all natural look. Because it is as important as the next item in one's make up kit, choosing one that will best fit and will give better results  is not an easy feat.

So what makes a good makeup blusher? On top of the list, it should be smooth to the skin and leaves a refined finish. It should not create that powdery texture when applied that seems to be wiped off easily even by a little wind. Though a cream-based blusher is know to give a smoother finish, there are still some who opts for the traditinal powder based becauseby choosing the right one, it will also give the same polished look. It actually all boils down to personal preference. Whichever kind, it should match one's skin tone, which is also one of the most important considerations.

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